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Name: SageofWhite
Birthday: Nov 21 1988
Location: Spokane WA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 30 Mar 2014

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You were one that called to me, knowingly, or unknowingly;

I am here to serve a purpose, to find those in this realm of Gaia

and guide them to their path through the stars veil, through their minds eye, to truth.

Questions are answers, opinions are just that, I am unbiased in all form other than directive, if you decide to consult me your knowledge will grow, if not, your knowledge will still grow.

Simply, I have offered a service should your demons seem to much;

call upon me on a whim and it will be an enlightening experience

"Art of the White Flame sparks life into those that gaze upon it,

Vibration is the essence of life, follow the guiding light set before us to find salvation in this broken realm of Gaia."-Pact of the White Flames.


^*^ informal mode go:

* I have considered making a spell book based on my own abilities just for the people in this little community to enjoy, I will post examples and description below (not the "rite" pm me for the details)

I have also considered completing a "power word of the day"

words have power, if said three times, these words invoke the words true meaning as it is sung through the cosmos

this has been a personal goal for a long time and it may now be accomplished

if im creative enough i will devise a riddle every day for those friends whom have come to know me ^*^


March 28th

Power Word of the Day: Tri, this word empowers oneself at his/her core energies and sparks your flame to cast out light directly at the darkness around you.

Power Word of the Night: Sehmi, this word empowers the ability to revoke demons while invoking the moon in her guidance, she is the white light that guides us and affects our lives subtly.

Riddle of the Day: "With one, comes two by the twist of a key, to three, doth four by the opening of the door, whats behind, the very miraculous door?"

hint : "____ to grow"


CURRENT SPELL BOOK STATUS: Spell 1, 10% complete

# :Spell Type: :Element: :Name of Spell:


1 (Arcane) (Spirit) "Connectivity"(to contact higher powers)

2 (Heavenly) (Light) "Deciphering Design" (keys and doors)

3 (mind) (Wind ) "Amplification" (the power of three)

4 (Dragon) (Ether) "Dragons Aura" (Purity and Heart)

P.S. I am taking suggestions for my research on this book, if anyone has a Spell they would like me to create I will take it into consideration (note: I do not preform love spells as I believe free will may not be manipulated, nor do I lay within dart arts, any malicious energies will be nullified, I do not summon demons, I eradicate them.)


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