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Name: destany213
Birthday: Aug 22 1998
Location: Texas, United States
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 02 Jun 2014

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Hey, Im Destany. Ill be vague, broad but sencere and blunt. Well Im in my Sophomore year of highschool. I like to think Im mature and open eyed and minded. Im at a very world weary state recently, not so much bored but more litteral. Im intelectual and enjoy expansive conversation, and well if you know what I mean by expansive, then message me.. I dont belive in god or religion, and would love to discuss why. Im passionate about music, play guitar and piano. I believe music as well as other art is a direct expression of ones soul, which I find one of the most beautiful aspects of consciousness. I love heavy rock music like metal but love grunge, jazz, reggae, clasical, blues, even some rap and r&b. Message me if you want to discuss music, its something I can talk about for a minute and enjoy. Im inclined to nature and some what spiritual. I love to hike and explore, I plan on traveling all over. I hate ignorance. Im optimistic about death. I have a natural love for the universe, if that makes sense to you. I think of ones soul as their frequency and believe the universe has its own frequency. I also think of energy as viberation. Im very curious about consciousness and all the possibillites, that's sort of why Im on here, and well to learn more about magic. Speaking of which, Im kindof green. Im fimiliar with chakras, basic concept, meditation,energy minipulation etc. which some of those rarely involve magic, but I wish to expand my knowledge as well as perception threw this website and future coven, Im expecting to learn a lot and certainly hope I do.. Im into poetry if anyone wants to send me theirs, or hear mine.. I welcome anyone seeking an enlightening conversation. I would also like to add, I will not discriminate agaisnt race, gender, sexuallity, religion or well anything. I see us all as equals and seeing anything else would be ignorant. Just dont hit me up in full fledge simple mindedness, with crappy intentions, if you do not know what I mean, dont bother messaging me. I am here to aquire knowledge and share my own. If you have a problem I will do my best with open minded empathy to help you. If you want to know more about my beliefs also, hmu. :)


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