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Name: Thunderspell
Birthday: Jul 21 1994
Location: Mexico
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 01 Jun 2016

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My story


Well what to say? Oh i got it what about my first contact in magic? well since kid i was able to see a little in the future like almost any kid you know what do we see as kid right? like you dream of a place and the next day or a few months well there you are! One day i was thinking about that like a year or so then i goed to sleep and had a strange dream it was like a city and i was in a house it was morning in the dream then a guy with glasses and a really pretty girl came in talking about playing in the forest with the animals i agreed and to my surprise the animals were folklore beings! I could recognize some like the salamanders, undines, some fairies, unicorn also kitsunes! (which was something strange since i live in mexico) the three of us played together since noon then we goed to sleep and that was my first night in this strange world, first after waking up i said what a good dream but it resulted me somewhat strange because i was fatigued after sleeping, i didn't payed much attention to that after the usual day i goed to sleep and there i was again! i finded it strange to be in the same place, the difference was that i went with the girl and the boy to a market (Note: If i didn't mentioned the three of us were the same age we were 13 year old) in the market there were strange things some shops selled runes other ones selled animals labeled as familiars and there was one that especialized in spells, after leaving the market the girl said that we could go to the party of a friend and we goed it was really fun those two nights in the dream were awesome! i wanted to be with them longer! after waking up in the real world i couldn't wait to see what would happen that night, when it was finally hour i goed to sleep this time i appeared waking up in the city's plaza and there were a lot of people walking to a church i just followed them and when all arrived a sort of goddess appeared and told us something very interesting and it was the following i learned that 100,000 around the globe were sent to the same dream but in different locations doing different things in that dream i also learned that i was doing astral travel something i just heard about but i never knew what was it after that she said that we should look for a familiar for protection since there was a kind of seal that made us go safely to the astral city without the chance of going to a hostile world that information i will never forget it changed my life, after telling us that she dissapeared and i woke up after that event i started my life in magic and psi well there is more to the story just pm if you want to know :p


The magic i use: Mostly summoning, energy spells, elemental infusion, astral travel and i want to learn practical spells

My familiar: A kitsune named Horo

Abbilities: Martial arts, fast learning, i know english, spanish, french some german and very basic japanese and i can have multiple familiars

i want to join a coven so i can know more an learn more magick

Also i'm looking for people who had my same dream i want to know them


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