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Name: LunaOfLife
Birthday: Oct 18 2000
Location: California U.S.A.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 16 Dec 2016

Membership: Member

Personal Bio

Name: Luna

Age: 16

Grade: 11

Bio: I am Luna. I am truly interested in all kinds of magick. I absolutely love Dragon Magick. I am very good at using Aura, Healing, psychic, and Enchantment magick. Although I am a powerful magick user, I can not easily cast spells over long disances, so please don't contact me for spells unless it is an emergency. I can do other things than the magick I listed, such as using a few spells that can help me control my dreamworld, or even create a few alternate realities. I am still working on mastering manifestation spells, but when I do, I'll be great at it!!I truly love what are considered to be mystical creatures. I know they are real though. When I was only 9 years old, I saw with my own eyes, a dragon. I figure, if they exist, then why can't other things? I remembered who I am that day. Some of my memories returned. I knew dragons were real before that, but Now that I saw one, I know I'm not crazy. I always knew I was a dragon, but now I know for sure that I'm not just a crazy human. I was raised by humans, so I never got to know the way of my kindred until I met Meteona. I am trapped in this human form, and I think a memory spell was cast on me because I don't remember very much about when I was a dragon. I lost many of my powers, or at least they were weakened and changed when I became a human. My soul is older than this human form, but I turned into a human 15 years ago, so I suppose in human years, that is how old I am. When I was trapped this way, I lost much of my memories. I do have a few left, and I do know dragon knowledge, as taught to me by Meteona. She is another of my kind. If you don't believe me, then you don't believe me. I couldn't care less about your human opinions. FYI, I'm not very fond of humans, so if you get offended, then that is probably why. I don't get along with humans very well, but if I'm gonna be stuck in this form, then I guess I might as well try.



Root: under-active (-12%)

Sacral: over-active (81%)

Navel: open (56%)

Heart: under-active (12%)

Throat: over-active (81%)

Third Eye: over-active (81%)

Crown: open (25%)

Over-Active Chakras: 3

Open Chakras: 2

Under-Active Chakras: 2



Elements: _Fire




First Mystical Encounter: ___Dragon

Other Mystical Encounters: _Ent






Mystical Creature Encounters: 7

Pure Mythical Creature Encouters: 0

Dark Mythical Creature Encounters: 2

Spirit Mythical Creature Encounters: 2

Nature Mythical Creature Encounters: 3



Abilities Learned: __Aura Reading

_________________Dream Interpretation

_________________Lucid Dreaming

_________________Premonition Attraction


_________________Aura Manipulation



_________________Enhansed Senses

_________________High Resistence

_________________Life Draining

_________________Luck Granting


_________________Power Granting

_________________Soul Absorbtion

_________________Psychic (Mind Reading)

_________________Psychic (Future Telling)

_________________Persuasion Magick

_________________Knowledge Absorbtion




Number of Abilities Learned: 22

Number of White Magick Abilities Learned: 15

Number of Black Magick Abilities Learned: 5

Number of Elemental Magick Abilities Learned: 2

Abilities learning: _Alternate Universe Creation

________________Flying With Energy Wings

Number of Abilities Learning: 2

Number of White Magick Abilities Lerning: 2

Number of Black Magick Abilities Learning: 0

Number of Elemental Magick Abilities Learning: 0

Favorite Magick: Dragon Magick

Learned About My Powers: 4 1/2 Years ago

First Ability: Aura Reading

Most Developed Ability: Aura Reading



Magic Types I Specialize In: ___Aura






Number of Specializations: 6

Number of White Magick Specializations: 5

Number of Black Magick Specializations: 1

Number of Elemental Specializations: 0

Specializations Currently Leaning: _Luck


Number of Specializations Learning: 2



Magical Skill Level: Adept

Spells Learned: __Minor Healing Spell

______________Enchant an Item Spell

______________Dragon Energy Spell

______________Minor Good Luck Spell

______________Minor Bad Luck Spell

______________Minor Persuasion Spell

______________Aura Manipulation Spell

______________Dragon Rage Spell

______________Control Four winds Spell

______________Minor Metal Finding Spell

______________Energy Gain Spell

______________Energy Drain Spell

______________Enhance Magick Enchantment Spell

______________Aura Flame Spell

______________Energy Wing Protection Spell

______________Energy Wing Aura Spell

______________Major Aura Manipulation Spell

______________Spirit Arrow Spell

______________Psi Ball Spell

______________Rage Ball Spell

______________Eye Color Spell

______________Heat Up Spell

______________Major Enchantment Spell

______________Minor Manifestation Spell

______________Summon Major Power Spell

______________Draconic Knowledge Spell

______________Soul Controller Spell

______________Kill Energy Spell

______________Enter Mind Spell

______________Sense Truth Spell

______________Fantasy Shifting Spell

______________Phantom Shifting Spell

Number of Spells Learned: 31

Number of White Magick Spells Learned: 23

Number of Black Magick Spells Learned: 9

Number of Elemental Spells Learned: 3

Spells Learning: __Telekinetic Spell

_______________Major Manifestation Spell

_______________Summon Dragon Spell

_______________Shape Shifting Spell

_______________Invisibility Spell

Number of Spells Learning: 5

Number of White Magick Spells Learning: 5

Number of Black Magick Spells Learning: 0

Number of Elemental Magick Spells Learning: 0



Not in a coven.



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