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Name: fire_rabbit
Location: Quezon city
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 19 Jun 2008

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About Me:

Im 21 years old now and i find it hard for me to say I'm matured enough. but I'm trying to be matured for the sake of my future. My friends call me insan cause I'm insane, bubbly and cool to be with. what I say is what they hear hehehe. In school before I am "Makulit" but now trying not to talk and trying to make it serious. I'm a simple person, I hate people pretending who they want to be cause all of us are people and per person each of us have our own talents which only God know even our parents don't know what to do to us well as I said I am what I am and I'm proud to be like this. well For me to become a real person you have to act what people want you to be. or Act like an adult like the people outside, like your Dad / Mom which you will understand what you want to be. being a futuristic person is not hard but don't force yourself too much cause when you realize all you want to be is really hard to get. You as a person will get mad to yourself and you will have hatred. which exactly what i haved before. I'm a kind of person like to walk and walk even I have a lots of thousands in my pocket cause i know we all have Guardians and they are the one who take care for us. I'm simple, smart, intelligent, descent, playful and futuristic. its not bad at all. we all have flaws and that flaws make us one. I'm a religious person I pray all the time even though im in the bathroom. I love bathroom cause I am always relax when i am there. singing, dancing, stretching and taking a bath. And I know all of us love in the bathroom. :)

Who I Want to Meet:

I want to meet a person with a lot of sense of humor who can judge me head to foot, Who can critic my attitude, who can enjoy my company and who can sing like a radio for me to sleep. well that is my wants although it is so hard to find a perfect match for us. well life is not easy and we are the one who can do a lot of things to be easier. I want to meet a person who can love me, take care of me and who can go to church with me and who can love me and understand what i'm doin. I'm not tlaking to my family cause i know All of them are taking care and loving me cause If you asked them "Who is your favorite pamangkin in Abet side" Carlo hehehe well I enjoy being in my Cousin's Place cause It is not boring. We can sing if we want and we can dance if we want. so if you want to know me read my profile first :) enjoy reading. God bless... :)


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