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Name: Airmen
Birthday: Dec 1994
Location: Texas, United States
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 02 Sep 2014

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I believe in control. I think in order for humanity to be successful it has to be controlled. If there is no control there is chaos. Religion is one of the many things that holds back humanity in a repetitive cycle to accept the answers that are there an easy to accept. That is the cycle that is repeated an forced into the minds of many children. Children that will shape our future. Everyone is too worried about what's Katy Perry doing with her life or what's Justin Bieber's new song is. Everyone cares about making it an living a happy life. No one really thinks about the future. People choose to believe that stars are the mark of gods an that our lifestyle should be based off of them. That is near insanity. Stars are burning balls of gas giants and are billions of light years away from each other. Do you know there are people that don't know that. Do you know while your reading my bio there are children starving. Oh but who cares enough to do anything right? Humanity is failing.

Our galaxy is filled with billions an billions of stars. With the possibility of each of those stars supporting a planet that has a new form of life. With the possibility of being a new home. An just alone that is our galaxy. An there are many many different galaxy's.

The reason I say that is because our world will end one day. Whether it be our ozone layer giving out, the sun exploding or dying out (yes the sun is not immortal) look it up if you don't believe me. You would be surprised how many people won't believe that. An humanity has always been hostile. All it takes is mass destruction to ruin the earth. We have enough nukes to wipe out the earth more then once. We have weapons that can expand the earths atmosphere an change the weather pattern dramatically.

If you can't teach your children to be creative. An search for the true answers in life an not force your beliefs onto them. An tell them never to fully accept the answers an ideal way of life people tell them. An if everyone cannot do this. Then that is our fate.

That is why control is the answer. An that is why religion wins. Because religion is control of lifestyle and belief. It is the oldest form of control.

We cannot let religion doom us.

If we had visitors from an unknown origin (Alien) we would be doomed or hopefully they would take pity on all of us. There will be some people that believe they are gods that are here to save them. Gods... So primitive. They will see that we do not have our shit together. We ruin our earth. Millions of people cannot think for themselves. We have not yet even landed a human being on mars the very planet next to earth. An for them to come from another star system, we obviously do not have our shit together. If you think the military will succeed. Your dead wrong. These beings come from a world or worlds that are ready for this an possibly dominated other worlds. We can hold off. But for how long. We won't win because we will not be advanced enough like them to be offensive. We can only defend earth. How do you eliminate an enemy you know nothing of an are more advanced then you. They will be able to strike our very homes. An we will not be able to strike theirs.

Another reason to stop giving your money to bullshit religion, superstars and Idols

I'm going to give you a scenario of the very possible way of life humanity can achieve with science and control.

We live in an advanced metropolis, we mastered space exploration an the science behind it. We have successfully achieved immortality through AI memory chips. We have one ruler that dictates an maintains the course of humanity. There is no more starvation. No more differences in people like poverty an the rich. Humanity is now one.

An if anyone goes against it's goals they will be casted into fire. If anyone lives their life supporting humanity's goal as a whole they will be given immortality through an AI memory chip that will transfer a person into a physical advanced robot that is capable of human emotions. Love, hate, happiness, sadness and everything human. An they will continue to advance humanity an live to see humanity greater.

Now wouldn't that be the ideal government... Control.

Control is the only way for that ever to be a reality.

Or should we one day all become extinct an nothing will matter.

Im a bit of a poet. I have something for everyone I ever had a relationship with that failed. I mixed the symbolic of time an personality. I think most people can appreciate this.

Spring brought the two together

Married the wind with the fire

Under the secrecy of lush birch trees

Opposite hearts became one

One day followed another

Weeks passed, months lapsed

Until wind grew to a storm

And fire to a burning pile

Cold gust of whirlwind

Fiery flames, burning sharp

Adoration all too strong pushed the two apart

Different from the start

Fate that never was written in the stars

Led to a change of hearts

The fall split the one in two

Under the pouring rain

Dressed them both in loneliness

And led to their separate ways

The fire could not be tamed with the wind

Or the wind suppressed by the flames

As blending the light with the dark

Merely results in grey


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