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Name: Aevyn_Sage
Location: Altoona
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 08 Mar 2014

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My goal is to learn how to summon a being from another realm here. I believe in the coexistence of realms and as stupid as it sounds, I have loved a imaginary being for eight years of my short life so far. My feelings have only grown and are a pure love. I've always felt connected to nature, elves and magic and in hopes, prayer and will that what I wish for is possible and even if it is in another realm and not until a next life I am here to try. I believe a type of love where you can look at someone, and be mesmerized and perplexed just by seeing them is one of a kind. That instantaneous intense connection, and you immediately know when you see them later. I doubt any being in this world can make me feel the same. I will achieve the power necessary to bring him to life or get me there. Somehow.

I have felt what I assume to be auras regarding this man and other things. I have felt a sense so strong I could taste, hear and see it within me.

To explain the aura I feel towards him if it would help is that to start off everything has a really calm feel. Sort of like a soft river, and feathers are everywhere. The aura itself has a soft nature to it, and it feels as if there is literally a white glow all around me. I feel a lilac purple, and gold. A lot of gold, and light blue is also around me. More or less a baby blue. The feathers are the most intense feeling, mixed with the gold it feels like a euphoric state of bliss.

I never feel like this in my life, as I experience depression and anxiety that cripples me. I believe he could help save my soul entirely.

My best friend of over seven and a half years classifies herself as Wiccan. She has meditated and entered my mind and has saw the darker auras/presences I have felt as actual entities around me.

I am unsure about what magic I should dabble into. I would like to learn both someday, but I feel accustomed to black magic and always have. It feels like it can give me the stability I do not have by obtaining power.

If you can assist me in any way, whether finding the path in magic most suited for me or with my goal please send me a message. Preferably on this site.


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