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Name: LoreSinger
Location: Sanctum Sanctorum
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 13 Feb 2014

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I've been studying the craft on and off for several years now, but only recently have I begun to seriously focus on pursuing the magickal path. As I see it knowledge is power, and though I do not presently, and probably will never know what purpose in this world I serve, I figure the the stronger of will, mind, and heart I become the better a chance I have of succeeding in what I was sent here to do. Life is a journey, and though we all know the ultimate end we know not what lies in between. That's the great adventure of life, your one chance to forge a path to your destiny. Which is why it sometimes upsets me how people can become so incredibly negative, I mean life is so incredibly good! One simply has to look beyond oneself in order to see it.....but, I'm rambling as I always do (Lol)so if you want to get to know me send me a message! But please not just "hey" or a similar one word conversation starter. Actually have something to talk about, please and thank you.

Currently Topics of focus and study:






Energy Manipulation


Though I know most modern, serious practitioners don't use the term, I prefer to think of myself and be called a Wizard. I don't see myself as a witch, not being pagan, not as a sorcerer who's main interests are occupied by his or her own well being. Rather, I seek to help others and the world at large through my actions both magickal and mundane. I'm a philosopher, a scientist, a bibliophile and a musician. A bard and an orator, a wanderer and a mystic. So, for me at least, Wizard seems an appropriate, all-encompassing term.

As to some of my other interests, as I stated above I'm a philosopher and a scientist, and a discussion or debate in either area is always welcome (so long as we keep in civil, after all we are not barbarians). I love books, reading them, hoarding them, looking at them, buying them, even writing in them, I just love books! Music wise, my main instrument is the piano, which I've been playing for many years now and am actually majoring in, and my secondary instrument is my guitar (which I call 'El Polio Loco') and though I'm not the best, I'd say I'm still pretty far from the worst.

My religion is Roman Catholic. I know this will no doubt surprise many of you, if you would like to ask me any questions concerning my religious beliefs, or would like to have a lively theological debate feel free to message me. If there's one thing I love to discuss its the Holy Mother Church! Once again however, please keep it respectful, I'd rather not have to deal with any Christian-bashing, I will always respect your beliefs and as such I simply ask for that same respect in return.


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