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Name: AthenaDemon
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 12 May 2017

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Updating bio. I erased a few things so its not finished. I will perfect my bio when I have time to do so.



Yes, my name is Athena. My name is Athena Angel. My last name will soon be Leizear. I have another account called AsheLeizear.

(Ashe is a League of Ledgends Champion)

Languages: English, Greek (fluent), some Romanian, some German

Spirit animal(s): owl, snake

Element(s): fire, water

Eyes: change colors. Mostly Grey or blue but sometimes Green and Brown and very rarely black or a little red around the pupal. Its not anything supernatural so don't ask. Its a genetic mutation that causes the odd and rare color change. Its a rare occurrence in genetics, but it happens. So don't ask me if I'm a supernatural creature because of my eye color change, if you do then you'll be blocked.

Career choice: Model and Photographer

Relationship status: Bisexual & engaged

Relations on this site: Vladimira. (I basically raised her, so I call her my daughter. She's my bestfriend and family.) I'm her professional modeling photographer. We also model and do cosplay together.



History (Ancient, Wars, Religions, Monarchs etc...)

Fighting (MMA, Military forms, weapons, etc...)

Battle strategy


Cosplay & Lingerie Modeling


League of Ledgends

(Video Gaming in general)



Aura reading. (I see, sense and read auras)

Astral projection


Medium and Empathy



Faith healing - Diagnosing or curing diseases using religious devotion. (Still iffy with it and have only done it successfully a few times)

* Even though I don't really believe in things like "Mind reading" it seems that occasionally I can. Its hard to explain how it works. Usually it works most with people who are in deep distress or family members. I don't call it mind reading though, I believe there is a greater understanding of it out there.

* With many years of studying, meditation and a great understanding of what is real magic and what isn't, I have been able to perfect many things I was born with.

* I grew up finding myself being able to do these things and never understood why. No, having many psychic abilities does not automatically make me a supernatural being. It just means I have a strong connection the the spirit world and the universe around us.



SPELLS: You cannot use them to change your appearance or any physical features about you or your DNA. This means you cannot give yourself fangs, wings, a tail, change your eye or hair color or turn yourself into a mythical creature or a God.

You cannot give yourself God like abilities (Or any abilities. You have to be born with them or meditate and learn them yourself)- I'm sure a Mod could definitely put this into better wording, but you get my point.

You can't effect another person's free will. (Even if you could, it is morally wrong and should not be done.)

Also, to add on to earlier about not turning yourself into a supernatural creature like a Vampire, Wolf, Mermaid etc... You are not one already.

I do how ever believe in the reincarnation and human forms of Gods, they have been in mythology for years, but to come out and say you are one is very far fetched and I won't believe you. If by any chance a God is reincarnated into a human form or visits in human form, they would not tell people about it, especially not on a site full of children who don't know what they are doing or talking about.

I believe in the existence of Vampires. Vampires that are actually human who follow a religion. I do not believe in any Vampires that actually live forever, burn in sunlight, drink blood or any of that movie crap. I believe in ancient religions that contain a group of people who follow a belief. for example (Christians) They are a group of people following religion. Only Fluffs believe in Vampires as being creatures.



NO FLUFFS: do not dare messaging me if you are a fluff, I will know if you are and if you do then you will be blocked. I am a very busy person and don't have time to waste on kids claiming to be something they are not!

DO NOT message me to insult me, threaten me or small talk. Have a reason to talk to me because I have so many people trying to talk to me at once and and am not interested in the childish games many of you kids do.



I'm a spiritualist Christian. This means I am open minded and respect all faiths. I believe in just about everything except anything fluffy. I work with the Trinity (Father, son and holy spirit) as well as the Greek gods.


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