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Name: BeautyKiller
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 19 Apr 2015

Membership: Member

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I keep re-thinking what i put on my bio .-.

I'm having trouble with my profile pic, so idk if it will show up as words, or a girl looking in a mirror with a skeleton.... but whatever lol

-I also have a habit of sending random friend requests/messages. It's just because I'm usually bored and not many people talk to me. If you find me annoying, then sorry-

I don't really know what to say. If you want to know more then what i put in my bio, just message me. There's a good chance that i will reply.

*I'm not good with bios, so bare with me*

Things i like: Music/Concerts, Homestuck,Creepypasta, SCP Foundation, Anime/Manga, Reading,Cosplay/Cons, Writing, and i watch a lot of YouTube.

I love A LOT of bands and anime, so if you want to know what ones, just message.

I may be a bit odd/awkward at first, but once we talk for a bit i

should be fine.

Also, I'm still learning magick. If anyone can offer help, that would be great. Whatever type of Magick you can teach me, it's fine. I just want to learn as much as I can. Something is better then nothing.


I got bored and started doing tests on website called Here are some results (of course they are just tests though):

What Greek Goddess I Am: Athena

Totem Animals:

42% Eagle

26% Deer




What Horror Villains I could defeat:

30% Living Dead (guess who's surviving the apocalypse NOW)

25% Freddy Kreuger (Yes....just yes. I've always wanted to kill him. My brain is private, thank you very much Mr. Kreuger. I have an odd mind, and there's no reason for him to be in it...)

20% Chucky (so happy I got this)

15% Michael Myers (who COULD'NT kill him? I mean he's awesome, but all you have to do is not be an idiot)

5% Aliens (...heehee)

And apparently if i WERE a horror villain, i would be Pinhead...i don't know how i should react to that xD



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