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Name: Magicalness
Birthday: Dec 3 2001
Location: Illinois
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 22 Sep 2016

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PLEASE Visit my Youtube channel. My username is Demigod Hecate. You'll be suprised what you find. I have spells on possibly everything. No, not right now but eventually! Please check it out!! Thx!!?

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000000000!!! I did have friends you'll find out why I don't anymore in the my life thingy.

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Okay Hi I'm Andrew wait should I say my name? Whatever. You don't have to read this but if you are then wahtever idc. Ok so where do we start hm? I moved to this town (not telling you the name of it I'm not stupid) and I and to join this thing called school. Let me you in on a secret. I call school hell, dungen, suicidal area, mistake, and much more. I'm in seventh grade right now and I went to a dance a few months with my "ex" friends and there was this banner on the front of the school and it said the schools name and there were 2 chaperones standing next to the doors greeting in students. (I don't know how to spell that don't judge! hehehe) and you wanna know what I saw? Ok I'll tell you. The banner read HELL and it was on fire. And the chaperones were demons!! (not really a story its just what I think hehehe) anyway back to the story. 3rd grade blah blah I met bitches and assholes it called life people. Anyway I made enemys and friends. 4th grade I was extremely bullied and no one did crap about that. (don't worry I'm already in the process of planning their deaths hehehe) *warning I say hehehe a lot in case you haven't noticed that yet. Okay 5th grade is when I met this bitch Kylie. And my first true real friend named Heather. Yes I hangout with lots of girls. I'm straight don"t even asume that shame on you. Anyway heather her type is bassically rare. I say that because I've never had any best friends. But she was the best friend. 6th grade oh hello I miss you. I dated Kylie in 6th grade. I lost heather. :(. BUT I met my BESTEST frend in the whole entire world and his name was Allan and no I'm NOT in love with him. ?I've probably never laughed so much in my whole life when Allan was my friend. We areed on everything and we hated the same people. True friendship right? Yeah... Anyway I was introduced to magic and demigods in 6th grade. I formed a coven with Allan, Kylie, Autumn, Ryan, karen and Me. We all thought we were demigods but it was really only allan me kylie and autumn. I was son of poseidon, allan son of zues, kylie was unknown it could be daughter of ares and decendent of hades or its the other way around, autumn is daughter of hepheatus and karen was daughter of ?zues. I KNOW IM SORRY. I read percy jackson crap and was so excited. BUT. Now as I'm typing this I don't want to be a demigod. When I got into this shit I gotta OUIJA BOARD HEHEHE. Allan and I, were talking to this spirit calld "h" she said her real name was helena or helen idr. (idr i dont remember) she claimed that zues sent her for allans protection. She said camp half blood is real and blah blah blah. She said that rick rordian created the demigod book so the real demigods could find out who and what they are. But the stories he wrote are fake. Sitting here typing right now I'm thinking that she was so full of bullshit its hilarious. She said we would go to camp half blood april 18 or 8 2016. We asked how it would start. It said that we would get into fights with something non human and it would chase us there. I didn't beleive it. But it also said that i was a son of poseidon and allan was son of zues. I was exicited but somehow there is one small part of me that didn't believe any of this...I was wrong. (dun dun dun lol) Actually idk if i was wrong i still dont believe any of it. Anyway over through 6th grade I had 3 important dreams. I had one of autumn me and allan on a mountain in chains and i started to levitate water and someone but a blade at my throat. no they didnt kill me. Autumn got up broke out of the chains and someone said impossible and she started levitating and she was surrounded in fire the fire grew into i giant flash that ended the dream. I had another one with me abby (she was never introuduced because she moved like a month ago and i no longer in the demigod/maic delema.) kylie allan and karen. we all ran out of the woods and there was this giant grass land like a mile long and a mile wide. In the very center was a beautiful tree that radiated with magic. (i could just tell for some reason) then we ran to it. We stopped and everyone was saying it was coming and then i noticed kylie was with us. then she came out of the woods yelling run with her bow out shooting arros behind her. Then this giant beast came out of fucking no where and it either stepped on kylie or picked her up idr but i turned to the tree and said this is it and the dream ended. thn i had another one about me and allan fighting against these two kids with glowing green eyes. then the dream ended. Out of all this madness i havent told you yet. HOW COULD I FORGET!!! When we first "asumed" we were demigods allan "claimed" that he talked to his dad zues and zues told him that we had an enemy called the "king" we have no idea who or what he is but i knew he was on that mountain in my dream. He has been our enemy from day one. So after all this the drama started. Allan said he was gonna move after 8th grade but in 7th grade which is right now btw he said now it was after 7th grade and allan wasnt in any of my classes this year so now he ditched me and found new friends. Ik it was really hurtful but after 5 months im over my friendship. Oh btw me and kylie broke up in the ending of 6th grade because she said i bullied her friends and i was likewtfi dont even know your friends!! Allan agreed. But we asumed autumn convinced her to break up with me. Anyway its why i think autumn is a bitch just like kylie because she believed her. anyways sorry my opinion about them. Ryan went to the really expensive school after sixth grade so he wasnt my friend anymore. So far kylie, allan, heather, autumn (biatch!!).They were my best friends and it as hard loosing them. They all got rid of me and autumn and kylie are like SUPER POPULAR so they got rid of me and ranked higher on the popular team. My two remaining friends are karen and kaylee. kaylee dosent know about he coven well ther is no coven it was broken after 6th grade. anyway me and karen never told her. now a few weeks ago she started dating this kid brandon. i hate him so kaylee hates him too. hehehe true friends. anyway she started dating him and i try to text her and shes like oh sorry on a date. Ive known karen for 5 years!!! REally she was for too distracted. Me and kaylee teamed up to destroy brandon for once and for all. so then our plan back fired and karen found out i said id back off because if she REALLY wanted to be with that slop fine i will respect that. I also told her to be warned about brandon. He had A BLACK FREAKIN AURA PEOPLE thats not fucking good thats fucking bad!!! SHE DIDN"T BELIEVE ME. oh btw i can read auras. So i said black aura means that hes dying or hes gonna die soon or hes gonna get hurt really bad or hes gonna hurt somebody most likely kill them. This HILARIOUS. Karen dithced me a few days ago because she said i treated her like a child so then we fought and i said whatever if you want to treat me like thius then friendship over. So anyway back to the black aura thing. Today yes this current day i was at recess reading. I dont do anything so i usually just read. Brandon was playing basketball and he broke his fucking foot it was so funny i was laughing my ass off when i was done i was just like "told you so" in my head as brandon passed me in a weelchair with the nurse. HAHAHAHAHA sorry its funny tho i was right. anyway now his auras blue. So last week i satred dating kaylee and over he weekend after i got into a fight with karen i bloked every single contact that i knew on facebook and on my phone. No one can fucking talk to me. They all ditched my ass so fuck them all!! Right? Anyways, kaylee hates me now because i didnt talk to her and now the only person he thinks im her friend right now is autumn. Yes over the summer i faked being her freind because i needed her in the coven. Over texting she talks to me a lot. in school nothing what so ever! so i blocked that bitches number. Now to this entire reason im typing right now. I feel darkness in me. I see my aura as Pitch black. Black auras dont just mean death and shit it could mean you are turning darker with darkness. When i have the thought of ditching the rest of my freinds in the beginning of the year i said no way because they were all i had left 2 friends. now im ditching everybody i just simply dont care i SERIOUSLY seem to not have any feelings. When i got into fights with my friends i hate them block them then when i woke up i unblocked them and said sorry and so did they. ever get those feelings? i didn't have any of them when i ditched the two remaining friends i had. now i just started practicing black magic out of middle of fucking no where and i think about black magic and rising all of the bad egyptian and greek gods thats how pissed i am at everybody. its like dark magic is consuming me. i also have black have Blackmagic in me thats how im so good at dark magic and when i use my black magic i feel an extreme amount of power that makes menot want to stop it wants me to destroy but then i tell it to back off and that im a good person and i wont hurt people. why am i thinking about this am i going dark side? Now that youve heard my lifes story you decide i guess idk idgaf bye


Okay so all of a sudden since I started feeling dark I found this power I have... its fucking scary people. I can sense peoples moods. I can sense it its werid. Its like people are batteries and If I tap into their energy I can sometimes see their memories. WHATS HAPPENING THE DARKNESS IS GOING TO TAKE OVER ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh if you havent read my lifes story then here: I feel darkness inside me and its giving me physical pain, strange powers/senses, and weird thoughts and feelings. I can feel myself changing into something dark. DARK. Just watch the song called, "Keep Holding On" by Avril Lavinge turn on. HEHEHE. No thats actually hilarious.?

*UPDATE 2/1/15

Ik this is crazy but my senses our out of control. I know that I'm an empath now but I cannot deal with others emotions its driving me insane. Litteratly. Idk know whats going on I need help. Full moon is coming up. I have a feeling that I was born to be a werewolf. Is that crazy? I thought so. No I'm serious. I litteratly feel like I need to go out in the forest and change into a wolf like right the hell now. I can't take this. I'm not lieing about the werewolf thing. I'm dead serious.

*UPDATE 2/17/15

I have a feeling this day is weird it kinda gives me the frackin creeps okay. Idk y.... Whatever. Anyhow I think I've found a place for my coven to practice at. Oh and I'm buying some books by Scott Cunningham. Hopefully they have some good knowledge in there. I can destory meh enimies... *snaps back to reality* Oh right, Hi.?

*UPDATE 2/27/15

Don't you just have those the times where you just ask out loud in your head what did I ever do to deserve this I just don't get it. I'm asking myself that right now. MOst of you reading this probably think I'm stupid and you don't want to listen to my whinning but you'll know how i feel when everything has been taken from you. And if you are reading this then yeah well idc I'm just at that point where i just say IDK.

*UPDATE 3/6/15

I am officially lazy

*UPDATE 3/23/15

I know I' sorry I havent posted updates latley... (probably didnt spell that correctly) My friend Ellie... I met her on xbox and well Idk if I should tell you all of this because its not like anyones reading this... If you ever read this please let me know like message me. Bye

*UPDATE 5/6/15

I'm sitting with karen right now and we are doing some research on becoming wiccians and we found a ritual to start.

*UPDATE 5/19/15 It's simple I hate everyone and everything. *UPDATE 6/20/15 This is stupid like what is the point.


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