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Name: Grimwing
Location: Who Cares?
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 09 Apr 2010

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I'm upset right now. I'm not feeling well... Emotionally. Things have happened where I feel like the people here can't stand me anymore, I understand perfectly... And now I feel useless... Thanks for "Cheering me up"! I'm in the worst prediciment of my life...

I miss the old me, where I did feel useful... but I've changed dramatically. I wish I was the old me again, but I can't. I just can't... I'm actually tearing just writing this... Things have changed along with my attitude... And I apologize for my crass behaviour... I just want to be the old me again...

If you knew how hard it is to be me, you'd understand too... But i don't think you'd care... "Everyone has had a rough life" Why would I care? They probably don't care about me, they don't know me for crying out loud!... In conclusion, I wish things didn't change like this, I'd appreciate it if you'd actually taken the time to read this... I don't know how long I'm gagged, all I know is, It's probably going to be long... and cruel...

Unlike everyone else who ditches thier old accounts to be ungagged, I would rather stay gagged as a lesson to keep my mouth shut... I really do apologize for this I really do, I'm just... *sigh* a selfish child. Yes, I'm selfish, immature and probably other things. I'm willing to take my punishment, no matter how long it is... The unfortnate bit is I probably won't be frequent anymore... *cries* If not, I'll miss you all dearly. This has been a note for all to read, and I bid thee a good day (Unlike mine)

PS: I wanted to be mod because I might feel useful, but now I can see that I change my mind. I no longer care for that potition... Vix, if you're reading this, I take it back. *sobbing* I take it back. I was just envious, immature and stupid. What happened, happened. I lost my potition as Moderator and I almost felt glad to... When I first lost my potition, I thought that was torture enough, but no. I was to **** stupid to mess more up... please, just please forgive me... *sobbs for the rest of the day*


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