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Name: Jonathan777
Birthday: Feb 16 2000
Location: Cocula,Jalisco,Mexico
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 25 Sep 2014

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"That light, that light one can see is the way out of this hole but no many actually attempt to touch or reach out to it, not many make it either those who do, those who awaken are the ones who can feel the Earths pain and can sense the uncontronllable disbalance our species has we believe we know the world as we only see what we are allowed to see but what is behind all that, what do they hold, what are we missing out on what why did the light grant us the abillity to see such horrors what am i soppoused to do..."

I have learned to control my energies i have learned to open my eyes to something bigger than myself not a god but humanity and its abillity to change its reality something we always but never took it fro granted due to outisde programing anyway i can teach best on spell creation, energy manipulation, Kinesis, Auras, Astral Projection basically anything to do with Psi.

i have a moderate amount of Knowledge on: Herbalism, Alchemy, Begginer and Novice Magick of all sorts,

I do have a guild named DragonHeart but i am still a learner i have come far to the point where i am experienced in some things but i want to keep learning i want to keep getting stronger i still have a far way to go, before i can change the world.

Aura: well as well all know those vary with emotion but they are usually Green or dark blue for me.

"An emotion effects an aura thus emotions are a form of energy. That is the first law of Auras."

"Thought/Intention with a pure enough emotion causes an action. Finally Consciousness is a flowing space of intention, Emotion, Memory and sound, Thus resonating these all together create an Aura and open up Consciousness. This is the second law of Auras."

"Intention creates a thougt with this thought you gain feelings for it(emotion), with memory you have the experience and with vibration you have the energy to utilize intention with this you open the portal to consciousness this is third law of Auras."

The third law explains why we use these everyday Emotions, sound(our body is sound that is why it can transmute in many ways), with them we have memory which we obviously gain experiences this is why our auras are affected by our experiences which are shown in the form of emotion which can change in vibration that is why it is an aura is has vibration and color though its color varies in emotion. I could have called them the three laws of Consciousness but its actually auras which can utilize to open consciousness only but thats something else anyway ive spoken enough these are my three laws of Auras.

also no flirting I am taken by ZoeM


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