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Name: Danetta
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 21 Jan 2014

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im a very spiritual person, i am born under the rein of Aphrodite, and she is my goddess. my zodiac is a Taurus and i believe anything that has to do with astrology has a huge affect on mine, and everyone's life. i believe i am going through my first pinnacle in life right now and need help finding myself and achieving the goals i have set. i love meeting and talking to new people and i really do hope i can meet some more people like me! hmm i guess i should put more about myself but i just dont know what, i highly believe in astrology and astronomy and believe that studying who and how you are, can make you successful at what you are looking for and trying to change about yourself. im a very in depth person, im not trying to be vein, but i feel as if everybody around me is ignorant,and im more mature than everybody. im growing up and have been growing up in pretty horrible life style, with my sisters, in our own dungeon of evil, were actually princesses (metaphorically) we are the three good witches. we come from evil parents, well they dont know they are evil, but we do. they are to ignorant to see or even care for themselves to realize. i wish i could explain to you how mentally messed up my mom is from drug, alch abuse,and how much my dad doesnt care for our well being, but these are my demons. and my parents are just an obstacle of life. with evil parents, come evil experiences,and inherited mental issues, and a lot of personal problems. ive had alot. of very messed. up. shit. happen. I escape into my music (one of the only things) and sunlight. i love sunlight. i think thats because it shows all flaws and helps heal them. i have a deep passionate love for .. cats (: yeapp.. of course, but i feel deeply and souly connected with them. And it being a flaw, i love my material possessions, like jewels and gemstones and crystals, shiny stuff, etc, etccc lol. i can sum up my life like this,, i am a pure delicate flower, growing in my poison environment. poison will always be in my consitution, but my intention and heart and soul are pure and delicate. you cant be all good, for youll have evil fighting you, but you cant be all evil, for good will be always fighting you. i have atoned with my demons, my evil. like a ying yang, working in harmony together.good AND evil. if you need somebody, PLEASE TALK TO ME! ive gone through things.., and my insight on life and experience will help guide you. IM 15 REMBER THOUGH. but always looking for life long friends (: im also a heavy cannabis user(; i keep having crazy dreams , im remebering my dreams vas they happen, but once i wake i forget them, but i still remember them and i think the dreams im having xould be important to me in helping me find my goal. to me,, i think humans are put on this eartth to try to find out who they really are, and if you dont try to find out, or go out of the "crowd" or "majority", then before ya know it youll be old and cant do anything about it really. i think im getting somewhere tho, i want to find out if colors or objects that youy like, or are passionate about can trace back into, or who you were in your passlife


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