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Name: telemachus
Birthday: Mar 18 1980
Location: England
Gender: Male
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My name is Cody. I am a Hellenic pagan with years of devotion to the gods and magical arts. Own my own herbal shop where a couple of witch friends and I work. For any more info you will have to ask me.

Keep your mails to me on topic, no games, and no flirting. Sorry girls, but I am more of a man's man.

5 facts of what magick is NOT

1) No one in the face of this planet, save for the gods themselves can turn you into a fantasy creature. No Vampires or Werewolves. No Faeries or Centaurs. This is fantasy fluff. now if you want to contest this issue, I invite you over to my house and show my that you can metamorph or whatever.

2) No spell can change you into some supermage, grant you superpowers or make you all powerful. But if you swear you have so, then again I invite you over and show me in person.

3) No spell will make you fly or levitate. The idea comes from an old witch rite that witches rode their brooms about, like a hobby-horse, in a circle, as a rite of cleansing and protecting their property.

4) Magick can not give you wings, horns, extra arms or anything like that. That is a form of fictional necromancy, which for the most part is fiction in itself. You claim you can do it. I will give you my address and you can show me your wings

5) Magick does not work on its own like you see in cartoons on on Harry Potter. Nor is it guaranteed. it is a prayer form graced but the powers to be. If you want a guaranteed spell to work, you better get off the couch and start helping it manifest. A spell will not instantly *poof* make a person fall in love or *poof* make you a millionaire.

While there is a great deal of mysticism and miracle work that goes behind magick, there is a great veil of earth-bound reality that covers it. Its fun to think we can all be like Samantha Stevens, Korra and Harry Potter. Its great to imagine. But remember its imaginary. And there is a great seperation of the two worlds.


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