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Name: Mephista
Birthday: Sep 9
Location: In a state of delusion.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 24 Feb 2017

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"I dont want you to hate me, Oh no. I want you to want to hate me."

-Pay For It by Mindless Self Indulgence

Hello, My name is Madison. tend to be quiet at first until you get to know me, so that means I usually hid silently watching chatter or forum posts. I am however trying a one 'contribution a day' where I add to a forum post or such atleast once a day, if not more. I shouldnt let my timidness stop me from helping others and learning more :D

I am fairly new to this site I am not new here anymore! I have been here a while, taking usual breaks to help reconfigure my life. I am not new to magick either, having both my friend and my soul mate, both of which are Wiccan, in my life. However, I am new to finding my path in this world. I am NOT a wiccan, well atleast dont consider myself one.The Only thing im sure of is that I am more of an eclectic pagan than anything else.

At this moment, I have completed the Major Arcana of a hand drawn deck of tarot card of mine .. Its hard, but I will get it done, cause you know, magick stuff you make your self and put your own energy in, works more efficiently for you, and they will look cuter :D

I do perform spells for my close friends, but no one else so unless you are close to me, which means none of you so dont ask. Anyway, I need to know the person personally first.

I do practice some of the magikal aspects of Voodoo (dolls, baths and some rituals and alters) And after studying classic and modern ways of voodoo I have perfected a way to make a less expensive useable voodoo doll.And I believe all creatures on this planet and on the spiritual plane have a place in this universe and a role.

I am Studying:
Tarot Divination
Wicca (Because I like to know the differences between that and other paganistic religions)
What I Know:
Egyptian Mythology
Common Voodoo Doll Magick (as in New Age and more modernistic styles but also the Southcarolina Gaulla type)
Energy Manipulation, including draining and giving
Some Demonology
What I wish to Learn:
Magickal Properties of Herbs
Light and Dark Magick
More parts of Demonology


You are absolutely welcome to message me if you need help or need someone to talk and be there for you.

* Blank Subjects are 'okay' but Id rather see some effort in the subject.
*Please no text slang, I absolutely hated that and always will.
* No Fluff! I, and no other person on this site or otherwise, will be able to turn you into a vampire, werewolf, faerie or mermaid. Nor can you shoot fire from your hands or create a physical realm.
*Dont message me wanting a relationship or saying I'm pretty. I do sometimes have my actuall picture as my profile picture, but it is not to attract people, It is to show them who I actually am. Not an invitation for you to hit on me.
*Be nice please :D


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Other Stuff:

Im in a relationship (so stop messageing me) I love Linkin Park, Creature Feature, Rufus Rex, All Pigs Must Die, Muse, Senses Fail, Chevelle and Mindless Self Indulgenc e.I love Psych and Bones. Pokemon and Mlp are two good fandoms, as is doctor who. I am a draw-er and i love writing. and thats about it.

If you have any questions about magic, what I can do, help with something, or just need someone to talk too, I'll be here so just message me (But not just cause im 'hot' or stuff like that, cause im not interested.)

I Love You Jamez


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