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Name: HASNLeader
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Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 19 Jul 2014

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I warned you. You are now added to the list of AWTOK members.


Hello. I am Shade. I am the leader of a group called HASN.

Now I know what you're thinking. This is going to be just like AWTOK. And all i can say to that is NO WAY.

We are nowhere near what AWTOK is. Well, I'm not. I'm the only one in this group so far. We study supernaturals such as yourself, but we do it ethically. Participation in our tests are completely voluntary. And we mostly just ask questions about what you are and what it's like. The only thing thats even remotely invasive is we take a blood sample. Still completely voluntary. Thats it.

Everything we do is voluntary. We do physical tests, such as a timed run, or weight lifting to see ones strength as compared to a human. All voluntary, of course.

And we hope to have a true headquarters soon. A place where we can perform all of our tests and services. Once we do, we can offer volunteers a place to stay for free. Nice rooms, tv, good food *hopefully* and anything the vounteers want. After all, they can leave any time they want and don't have to do anything we ask. They are going out of their way to help us. And in return, we help other Supernaturals.

Thats our goal. We wish to help Supernaturals. We want to help you. We are here for those who want a cure to what they have. I myself am a vampyre. A full vamp. I see what I have as a gift. I like being a vamp. But I know that some people do not like being vampyres and want to be human. This is for people such as them. For we are HASN. Helping All SuperNaturals.

We want to help you.

And one more thing. We don't like AWTOK any more than you do. What they are doing is wrong. To any AWTOK members on this site: Shame on you. You would hurt these magnificent people just because you see them as inferior mongrels? You sicken me!!! These people are magnificent. Beautiful. A modern scientific miracle. And you would slaughter them. These people have done nothing wrong. They have not hurt anyone. And you tell people they are evil beasts.

No. YOU are the beasts, you impudent, prideful, pathetic wastes of breath! You kill for no good reason. You murder supernaturals. You are evil. YOU are the mongrels, AWTOK. And to Supernaturals everywhere, if you want help, we are here to help. Once we get a facility going, we can offer shelter from AWTOK. And we will help you stop them.

On a side note, once we get some funds, we can actually pay our volunteers. We do things the right way. We don't hurt people for no good reason. AWTOK has done much that is wrong, though. They must be stopped.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please message me. I am also looking for helpers. I am so far only one person. If you want to help, please tell me. I will greatly appreciate it.


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