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Name: Charming134
Location: Florida
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 23 May 2014

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I am a freelance magical practitioner with talents in Imagination Manifestation, Healing, and Practical Spellcraft.

If you could not tell from my profile picture, I am indeed a Two-Spirit Man and very happy to be so.

I am NOT interested in following the tenets of religions made up by Gerald Gardner nor any of the pseudo-religious Wicca "paths". To me, Witchcraft is NOT and shouldn't be a religion, it is what it was always meant to be: a Craft. Don't get me wrong, spirituality is a wonderful thing and is a big part of being a magician/witch/sorcerer; but that shouldn't take away from actually crafting magic to manifest one's needs and desires, nor developing power. Self-Professed witches whose entire practice revolves around worship of a supposed "Great Goddess" or celebrating the Wheel of the Year or are too high and mighty to use actual sorcery for fear of "Offending the Gods or Mother Nature" are not actual Witches in my book, they are just misusing the title to promote fake ecofeminist religion.

I am far more interested in practicing actual sorcery and witchcraft; developing real magical power to influence outward circumstances and objects over feeling love and light vibrations from forgotten gods. And yes, spells to influence outward circumstances and objects such as the weather or another's mind (out of many examples) are in fact real. Don't let someone who thinks such things are beneath them dissuade you. Those people secretly don't believe in real Magic.

If anyone has any information on the Nine-fold Path, you will have my utmost attention.

If you claim to be an "other-kin" or spell Magic with a K, I will consider you pretentious and ill-informed and then ignore you.

If you believe that I can assist you with an issue on your own magical path, I will be happy to hear from you and help if I indeed can. Just remember, accomplishing your magical goals is dependent on how easy it would be for the spell to manifest in the material world AND on how much power you put into the spell. Given that, some things will be relatively simple to accomplish while other things won't manifest so easily.

Magic has a lot of capability and if you can dream it, you can accomplish it in some form; despite what other of the members might say. But that may not be in the form you desire. A spell to gain the power of flight will most likely result in the caster having a very vivid dream about him/her flying. But I digress. You can get the result to a seemingly impossible magical working even if it doesn't manifest in the way you expect.

Call me fluffy all you want, but I actually get results from my craft. Boo-ya!

Trust me, despite anything I have just written that you may disagree with, I am actually a very friendly individual and would be more than happy to discuss anything. Or hey! You can even message me just to say hello. I would appreciate that. You can flirt if you want to. I'm not going to be a stuck up jerk and say mean things to you if you do so. I'll just take it as a compliment. Just be warned that your results may vary.

Have a Magical Day!


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