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Name: Sunsetman2
Birthday: Sep 1990
Location: Seattle WA
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 19 Mar 2014

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MERRY WINTERNYTE ONE AND ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi. My name is Kirk. I am 23yo, born on September 21 which would explain my love of all things dealing with autumn. I have been practcing and learning magick since I was 14 and found a book on it in the library by Laurie Cabot. Since then I have pledged my heart and soul into the craft. But before you all call out and point yelling "wicca" I need to stress that I am NOT WICCAN. About 3 years after discovering witchcraft I was introduced to the world of vampirism and darker magick. Not saying I would hurt someone for not reason. I only perform such magicks when someone does unto me harmfully. No, I am not in a cult. No blood sacrifices or any of the BS you see in movies. And no I am not some goth wannabe. That's dangerous territory I am not venturing in. I am just a child of the night that gets my energy from the moon, night and the wind. Wind is my favorite element. UNDERSTAND CLEARLY: I AM NOT A ROLE-PLAYER OR WANNABE! I am a very serious student of the magickal, esoteric and metaphysical arts.

Over the years I have comprised a sort of vampires Book of Shadows, which I call a Codex (BOS is so wiccan) which contains rites, customs and spells all in a sort of "child of the night" theme. Not dark or satanic. I do not worship Satan, Lucifer or gods like that. Thats for cultists and Satanists.

BTW, The pictures in my profile ARE ME. The leathers you see is actually my magick regalia. Like a wiccan feels black robes help them, my leathers are what helps me feel empowered. I actually have two sets of leathers I use in ritual. And no, it has nothing to do with my being gay. Its just a feeling of empowerment I get from them.

Hobbies Magick...duh, readings, movies, paranormal studies, cryptozoology studies, ancient cultures, mythology, museums, zoos

Esoterics gemstones and crystals, Candle Magick, Dreams, Water Magick, Moon Magick, Meditation

Likes Candlelight, holidays, sunsets, fun movies, good music...oh and guys (sorry about that one gals, yeah I'm gay)

Yeah, so that's all I will say for now. I am sure you have a million questions (or none at all) If you are open-minded and want to learn what I know, well, your free to hit me up. I admit I am not a master of magick but I know what I know through trial, error and success.

Understand the following: There is no spell on the face of this planet that can "turn you into a vampire." I do not care what spells are posted here by others, none of them will work. They are all fake and the product of a willful imagination and far too many hours in front of the TV. If you ask me to embrace you, understand this.....I can do that BUT not by magick. The person I "embrace," will not just be a vampire but also my future student, my friend, my champion and my lover. So unless you want all that and more, do not ask me. And if you do ask me, you better have a 10 page bio as to why you want me to take you into my life.


Been Gagged for no apparent reason. If you want to chat about REAL magick, you can contact me via You can also IM me at Cooper_4131 on yahoo as well.


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