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Name: CityKnight
Birthday: Mar 1987
Location: NY
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Wed, 19 Mar 2014

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Hi all. My name is Isaac. Let me start off by saying I am a vampire. Now before you roll your eyes, let me explain that I am not like what goths and twilight wannabes are like. I do not suck blood, I do not fight were wolves, I do not fly, I do not shapeshift. And I happen to LOVE garlic. Oh and no, the sun will not kill me. Infat my favorite times of the day are sunrises and sunsets. All these qualities belong to the world of FICTION; TV, books and movies. So please do not think of me as other wannabes or goths.

Truth be told, there are no REAL vampires. Well not like the vampires you see on TV and the movies. They are illusions and the creation of writers and movie makers. If you think those kind of vampires are real and you can be one, you need a good psychologist and psycho-annalist.

What I am is what I guess you call a social vampire as is the members of my clan. No, not a wannabes. Think of it more like a branch of wicca (though I am not Wiccan.) I do lead a rather nocturnal life but the sun will not kill me. And I have a set of high codes of honor which I am others like me: Never to harm another person unless in self defense. Never steal, never hurt. Never do drugs, never over drink. Hurting no one goes for all of life, not just humans. I am an animal lover and love being out in nature, beaches especially.

As a vampire, myself and my clan, we worship a pantheon of gods. They are not dark gods nor harmful. They are as loving and caring as the sun and earth gods of other faith. There are no vampire gods, no demons, no Satan and no devils in our faith. We celebrate 12 holy holidays, the dark moons and the full moons. And we, like other witches work with spell crafting and divination. My clan and I have been together now for 8 years and have 18 members strong (3 of which are acolytes that trained under me). We do a lot of charity work with Goodwill, The Bronx Zoo and the ASPCA.

A short list of the elements I work with is: Crystals, woods, herbs, candles, color magick, gateway healing, reiki, Aura-soma, tarot, runes, scrying. I can perform defensive and dark magick, as the vampiris moral code does allow it, but only after I have been wronged. And even then, there are guide lines and boundaries one must stay in. So do not ask me to cast a vengence spell.

Again the title we use vampire is merely a title of the magickal branch I am in. So do not expect me to give you spells to turn yourself into a fictional twilight vampire. There is no such thing and there is no such spell. You may as well ask if I had a spell to turn you into a cartoon character.

So with all that at the side, my hobbies include collecting music and movies of all sorts, Playing the drums, working on my own artwork, bike riding, exploring old book shops, doing some wood burning crafting, writing and video games. Love readings and have a vast collection of books, most of which are on ancient and medieval history and Asian culture. I also have been trained the the art of sword fighting. Not like the crap you see in movies, Thats mick fighting with plastic swords. My love for animals knows no bounds-I have 8 ferrets as pets and 2 more coming this coming year. I should also mention to save people a lot of time that YES, that is my picture on my page and that I am gay. And before any other guys ask, I am single but I am not looking, least not here. The man I need to be with must either be part of my clan or an acolyte of our clan.

I am a very high spirited guy normally, though the events of the past few years are starting to get to me some. But I believe in general that humanity is good, just misguided. So I try hard as anything to be positive. In fact a lot of the magick I do with my clan and alone is to awaken mankind and prayer for positive healing in the world.

I am free to talk with others so long as you are open minded and not here to mock my beliefs. you are are some "twilight-fantasy" vampire wannabe, move along.

.....................................UPDATES CENTRAL.....................................

12/17.......Just joined and feeling out the group. Give me time.

12/19.......Posted my first spell. not much but more will follow after Winterfynd.

12/21.......Merry Winterfynd!

12/23.......So like I got a new cauldron for Winterfynd as well as some new t-shirts and Sims game. I am good for the year :D

2/20........Okay so for some reason, gods know why, I have been as this site calls gagged. I have no idea why, seeing as I have not posted anything other that a couple of spells, real spells and chat with only like 3 people maybe 2 times each. not bothering updating anything. So if I do not respond to anything you send me, well now you know why.


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