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Name: 00Runewind00
Birthday: Mar 1988
Location: Where Dragons Dwell
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 28 Jan 2014

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=============================TOP OFF=================================

This is the second I have here. the first one was locked up 3 days after joining and no one of "questionable" authority the runs this group will tel me why.


Well, to start off I am a dragonmage, that is to say I work with dragons. Not just magick but I am a priest to them. I prefer not to use the word witch, as much as it is ethical. I have been working with dragons since I was a kid. And no, not the fluffy Llewelyn wicca dragons. Wicca is for Wiccans.

I am not into fake magick. That's to say things like magick that would come out of a fictional book, television show, movie, or anything like that. Yes magick is what you make of it and believe, but there is a level where kiddie magick rides on the level of being ridiculous. So not I do not cast fireballs, turn people to frogs, or create digimons. No one can, save for your dreams. The power in magick is strong and if taken light-hearted, can hurt you if you treat it like a toy.

My circle is located in NY, in Manhattan and has a faction of 26 members as of now. We meet weekly, if not more, to prayer, heal and work magick as needed. Some people have a accused us of being "Gothic" but we are hardly at all anything close to that. Though we do have a tendency to wear leather coats. But that's just because its the clothing which we find empowers us, to coin a phrase. but no, we are not gothic and we do not dabble in the realms of dark arts....Mmmmm...well maybe. it really depends. I mean if someone does us wrong, we will strike back via magic. There is no black and white when it comes to the dragon faith. Just grey. We all walk the grey line.

Will be posting pics of myself now and then, as well as shots of some of the groups tools and shots of our altars. That is if we are allowed to here. Will be posting some spell work and rituals.

Socially, I am up to grabs when it comes to chatting to peeps here. Just make sure you can hold a conversation and can spell. Sorry unless you know Drake or English, that's all I read. That includes STREET writing. Thats not a language to me, that's just defilement.

======================RULES TO MAILING ME============================

If you ask me for love spells.....I will probably ignore you

IOf your profile reads like an episode of Buffy, Charmed, Harry potter, Supernatural or the alike.......I will SO ignore you

If you ask me for any spells dealing vampire, fae folk, elves, mermaids, centaurs or otherkin folk......I will SO ignore you

If you ask me for demonic and satanic spells......I will ignore you

If you claim your a hereditary which.......I may ignore you

If you ask me for spells that belong in a Dungeons & Dragons book or cyber roleplaying.....I will SO ignore you

If you ask me for spells that come from TV or Movies......I will SO ignore you

If your profile says you are under the age of 15......I might ignore you, unless I can see you are serious

If your profile is blank...........I will probably ignore you

If you claim to be the direct descendant of Merlin......I will LMAO and then ignore you

If your profile claims you are a fae, vampire or otherkin......I will SO ignore you

If you have on your profile that you know all there is to know about magick.....I will Smack you across the head, then ignore you

If you tell me your a 20 level mage..........I will laugh, then ignore you

If you tell me you can bend shadows, air, fire, water, fire or so on........Be ready to prove it or I will ignore you

If you are looking for spells to turn you into animals.....I will ignore you

If you are a female and try to hit me up......good luck, I am gay.

If you harass me in any form ........I will report you to Homeland Security. I have done it before and I have no problem doing it again.

Keep it serious!

Keep it real!

Keep it Magickal!

Keep it Pagan!

Keep it light hearted

Keep it safe!

Or keep it to yourself.


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