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Name: _Midna_
Last Seen: Sat, 21 Jun 2014

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My name is Victoria but my friends call me Midna for we all have game related nicknames.

I am 21 yrs old and am mostly practiced in divination and I'm trying to learn my ability...when I say ability I mean a thing I am exceptionally good at, or something along the lines of clairvoyance etc.... Also im good with energy but so is everyone since it plays such a critical part in any life form; plants, animals, biengs. I believe everything is connected, and that were creators along with being the created. If you wish to chat I ask that no flirting is involved for I'm gratefully married. If you have any questions that sound plausible ask away although I plead that you refrain from asking me to do tasks for you or your question makes no sense....thank you and I look forward to meeting you.

Well met

About me on a personal level:

my animal spirit guides is a white wolf which is the only one I've contacted thus far...but plan to meet the others when I can meditate more freely. My elements are all but the strongest ones are fire and air though I like earth too. Lets I love animals and nice people but know the difference between nice and flirting. I'm an artist and draw a lot and will probably post a lot of my drawings on here maybe poems in picture form since I've made my profile so long. Now you know a little bit about me or a lot depending on your perspective. I also have a theory that dreams are more of a reality than day to day life considering when you meditate or are spiritually active your brain produces aplha waves and beta waves like the state of dreaming, or in otherwords when your brain cells practically go to sleep your brain become more powerful hence people drugging their braincells but there's a difference between sleeping cells and killing them...some believe that I've noticed that dead braincells are better but we all know that isn't true due to the fact your brain will never get rest from producing alpha brain waves and pretty much making your brain a lot less functional. My theory sounds insane I know since I'm applying when were awake were resting our brain and when sleeping it is most active. Crazy as it seems I truly believe my theory and when awake the brain relies on primal when your asleep you use your entire brain, this also includes the state where your mind is going to sleep but still aware hence out of body experience since in deep meditation and barley aware state we can access our entire brain power and truly flow our energy.

- Toria(Midna)

thanks for reading my crazy theories and my life experiences.


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