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Name: BlackSun88
Location: California
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 09 Feb 2015

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Hello, I am a spiritual satanist as well as a national socialist. Before anyone starts jumping the gun and cursing me out, let me explain my beliefs. I believe that satan/enki is a extra terrestrial god of the nordic alien race (along with his demons) that genetically created humanity. He came to earth for a new planet, so he created us humans to help build a new kingdom on planet earth which was going to be paradise for us humans. We were genetically engineered by satan and the gods (demons) using his DNA along with other species that were present on this planet before humanity existed. Other extraterrestrial beings such as enemy nordics, greys, reptilians, etc were threatened by the idea of this so they wanted to make us a slave race. They created these hybrids (that relate to the reptilians) to destroy and enslave humanity. These hybrids created Christianity and other rhp religions to remove spiritual knowledge and to brutally murder the pagans. They corrupted the pagan teaching and turned it into jewish fiction. Ancient libraries, writings, and sacred temples were destroyed and re-written. Jesus & Jehovah (powerful thought forms created by jews) was then taught to millions of Gentiles for a distraction and to control the mass mind. Gentiles started to worship false Gods and false religions. Gentiles were created to spiritually empower themselves and become Gods.

Each race was suppose to stay separated and have their own spiritual traditions to worship Satan instead of falling for a non-gentile god. And this is what national socialism was truly about. Since these reptilian hybrids control the media, education system, and religion, they influence and brainwash the minds of many gentiles to use these programs so we can believe in equality and race mixing. In other words, they want us to inter racially mate with each other to destroy race and keep us from advancing. They target the white race the most because the whites are the most known to have power, creativity, and knowledge when it came to war. The white race is genetically closer to satan and the gods (the race of the annunaki) which is also why these hybrids target us. They use Communism, Christianity, and Multiculturalism as programs to destroy us.

I am not against ANY gentile races except those that help these hybrids destroy my race. I believe in race separation and racial purity in order to advance all human races like how we were taught originally when the gods created us. We shall bring race back to its natural order.

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