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Name: Candi_Nova
Location: 9th Canto
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 18 Jun 2008

Membership: Contributor

Personal Bio
Elo, Candi here! Mi full name is Casandra Liestra Sharp and currently Im 11 years old ^^ . Ive been practicing magick since i was 9 ^^. i usually do beauty spells but if ya get on mi nerve, ill place a cursy on ya. I have an upbeat attitude so that wont be too likely. Anyways, i was born into the sign of Virgo...which makes me an earth sign ^^ I have done a little bit of summoning and it's hard work! Thats why I nagged mi bro to help me summon the 70th goetic demon of hell ^^ It took 15 or 16 nights to actually see him. But yeah...and thats all bout me....oh useless cajabering info down a little further....^^

Hair Colour-Brunette

Eye Colour-Amber during summer, dark blue durring winter

Parents-still together and still powerhousing christians

Siblings-mi shallow sullen bro

Pets-a kat named Fluffems and a dog named Tomtom

Family Deaths-mi great grand mum, Great Grandmother Evangeline

Injuries-Breaking a nail counts

Rivals-Stacey >:(

Boyfriends-N O P E, aint ready to date


Skin Colour-White, but not pure white, like white with a tan

Fav saying- Dum Spiro Spero=Whatever happens, happened. Thats rite, I Speak LATIN!!

Hereitage-Norse, French, Vatician/Italian, and German

Fav Colour- Violet red

fav food- Pizza!!!

Perverted?- A little...

Smoke?- Nope

Drink?- only on the weekends, and its usually red whine

Body curves yet, still hoping ^^

Fav animal- wolfies

Gods that i worship--Seere, Shax, and Lucifer himself

Friends-Lots, non of emr on this site, like i said im new ^^

Longest thought when hearing the word "Savior"--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-God told me that he loved me, God told me that he'll protect me, God told me that he would save me, God didn't tell me that EVERYONE in heaven were liers.

Satan told me about his pride, satan told me that he wasn't sorry, Satan told me that he would get revenge, Satan told me that he would need me as a tool later, Satan DID tell me the consequences.

God may be holy, but in reality he covers everything up, he told his angels to spread the word to every human about The fall of Adam and Eve and God knew that humans were easy to decieve-test drived on Adam and Eve and later punished them. Satan doesn't cover it up, he told the hurting, painful truths which the human mind never wanted to hear. Leaving humanity in utter bliss as we gaze and wait for heaven to take you gaze and wait for heaven to take you. By speaking mi mind, God is constantly judging me and mi thoughts and therefore, if he sends me to hell, that truelly shows that god is a coward to even try shuting me up and away from sociaties ears where i may spread chaotic deception upon his lambs, may the Lions of war howl in hunger for disaster and may they feast upon the lambs of god to where they consume their blissful eyes in utter fear, surrounding them in a dark, fiery abyss we know and call Hell...^^


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