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Name: JmKsaDawn
Birthday: Dec 6 1990
Location: Protecting My Sister
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 15 Sep 2016

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Didn't come here to screw off and have a good time; I'm here for my little sister, Mrs.Bunny. Touch a single hair of her head, not only will you have to deal with this psychopath, but an entire army of psychos, all related to her by blood. Don't think just 'cause we look like her, we're just as soft-hearted and na?ve. We couldn't be more different. We're a pretty violent family, to say the least. You might look at us and see a bunch of kids who didn't get hugged enough, but when we see you, we see a target. So far, we've always hit our targets. Don't think you know me or anyone else because you read my profile.

Got my secrets and got my reasons for being here, for getting myself into a world I shouldn't of, for having to watch over my shoulder all the time. I won't tell you about them. Not even if you beg. Because those days, those days were darker than any blood-sucker's damned soul.

I lost my kid. I lost my fiance. They were murdered. Simple. You don't need to know the details. Lay a finger on Kim, I dare you. I swear by every drop of cursed blood in my body, I will make you pay. Been through enough bull to tolerate anyone who thinks their special.

Dad's dead. Five of my brothers, my sister, sister in law and three of my neices and nephew. Even Mom's dead. Over half my family is being eaten out by maggots six feet under. You see, I'm sort of a walking time-bomb. That's one thing Kim doesn't mention. She's destined to die. In fact, she's dying now. We're a cursed family. Advise you not to get to close, if you had half a brain.

The time for screwing around is over. I can't mess up. Because messing up ends in death. Only blood that'll be shed is yours if you get to close to me or anyone else I even remotely like.

Remember you sick freaks, when my little sis gets her revenge for you messing up her relationship, so will I. And this time, I'll be the one walking away.

-J. M. Dawn

Despite what people seem to believe, I'm not a bad guy. Hard, yeah. But not bad. Only got this way because I know how bad it hurts when you aren't. Trying to teach my little sister that one.

You know, I spent this entire relationship on either side of the fence, I didn't hate him, but I wasn't welcoming to him to the family with open arms. I still have no reason to hate him, but because the fact I just watched my baby sister, the girl he supposedly loved with all his being, bleed nearly to death in my arms, things in my head have changed drastically. She was clutching the phone, whichh might have been the worst part of it all. So she's, once again, in the hospital, with twenty one stitches in her left abdomen. She lost almost a pint of blood. All because of that kid. No, she will not he coming back to SOM for an extremely long time. '


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