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Name: Yasen
Birthday: Sep 15 1987
Location: Midgard / The Yav
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 01 Dec 2014


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My primary account is Mechtavolk (linked above).

I am a Heathen Pagan, following the cultural beliefs of my ancestry - the Germanic (which includes Norse,) Slavic and (minorly) Celtic peoples - as best I can. The title I have made for myself is a Nordic Rodnover Shaman. I have been a Pagan for a decade (or near enough as to make no difference,) and have directly applied my knowledge of Pagan lore and ritual for the past five.

I do not believe in general "magic" (and I feel that spelling it "magick" is unnecessary and annoying; yes, I am well aware of the reasons behind it,) nor do I quite believe in divination. I do engraved runework, work with the Elements, and believe in the natural "magic" (as it were) of music.

I do believe in "mythological" creatures - existing either in the past or in this age - however I do NOT believe in Lycanthropes (werewolf,) or "Hollywood vampires." Folkloric vampires are another thing entirely. I am fairly knowledgeable of various creatures, but due to the general quick-leap to "fluffiness" if any of them are mentioned with any degree of severity, I don't often discuss them. If one is curious, I will more oft than not answer questions.

"We believe that every person born free, and everyone have the right to perceive the world as they want. In our opinion, the Pagan inheritance - it's [this] adequate and balanced existence, while Christianity is the inheritance of a weak man who is trying to get away from himself and from his problems. But it is our opinion and we have no rights to condemn people, who have chosen their way. Even if in ancient times Christians have caused great damage to the heritage of our ancestors and the progress of mankind in general, we are blaming political system and the schemers who have used this ideology to their advantage, but we are never blame the people with their weaknesses. Paganism - the choice of free people." -- Arkona


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