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Name: Elementwolf
Birthday: Jan 17 1995
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 22 Sep 2014

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I am Elementwolf. I have other names such as Anjel (yes this is how I spell it I have my reasons), Lupa, and Rensaki.

What I fallow: I am simy new but not new inof to be stupid anymore. I once fallowed the Christian path and in some ways I still do but at this point I really do my own thing. If I need to I lean on God for his help, I will. If I want I speak and try to grow a bond with the other gods and goddesses I see fit to speak with, I will. I am knowledgeable of the Greek/Roman deities and the Egyptian deities. My values fallow those of Wiccan and some Christian faiths. You could say I'm transitioning out of the Christian belief system but do not thing for a minute my faith in God and his powers are diminished. He has proven his works in my life several times but he has basically said to leave the Christian path and explore to my hearts content.

Reason: Before I went this path because I thought it was right, even with my mother's disapproval and warning I trailed on through this unknown terrain of mystery and danger. I learned how to survive and how to work the environment around me to please my needs. Even though I have been working in this field since Oct. 2013 and it now (when I last updated) it being March of 2014, I have already seen my growing and blossoming. I am now much stronger, and I feel wholer and less broken and confused. I love this life style and I will not give it up for the world.

What I am: I have not been able to get solid evidence or solid truth of what I am but I have discovered and been told I am the fallowing. I am a werewolf but a particular breed, a rare breed. I was given the wolves wound at an unknown time. I will say I am not a physical shifter, to me those who say they are werewolves of the 3rd dimensional planes are lying. All of the creatures exist on the astral plane and thus so does me werewolf self. The only characteristics that had melted into the 3rd dem. plain is my smell and taste. I have also been told by a trusted friend that I am a werewolf and a rare one, she is the one who brought up the fact that my breed was rare, and how this came to be I don't know yet. Since birth I was told that I was special and that I had protectors that my mother called angels. I did not know how special I was till my friend put the pieces together. Since opening the ability to pick up on images and energies around me one seemed to always hang around and acted as a motherly yet friend like entity. She wasn't around all the time; she mainly showed herself when I walked through the woods. She had black hair, slightly tan, always smiling, bare foot and wore a white sun dress. She would walk with me and I would hear her hum in my mind. I told a friend about this entity and when she saw her she said It was the Goddess Hecate. I did research and she was the roman titan goddess. She ruled the night, forest, necromancy, magic and many other things. Her animals are dogs/wolves, snakes and horses. Her plants were wolfsbane, poppy flowers, and Yew trees. Later after seeing that most of what she ruled were things I loved, I began to wonder why a goddess would even come to me even though I was in another religion, never heard of her till then, and had done nothing to bring me to hear attention. I asked a friend one day and she meditated on it and asked a few questions to friends of hers on the astral plane and soon discovered my soul was the daughter of Hecate. I didn't want to believe it and certainly did not understand it. But it was true, I discovered I had a protector that was given to me, by her, at birth. I grown to love him dearly and his name is Ektor greek for ?to hold fast.

Magic works I'm into: I am into stone healing, herbal magic, nature works and other stuff like that. I'm big in astrology, dealing with the zodiac signs but I will slowly go into the full subject of astrology. Tarots are a pass time, also divination. Also ive done a lot of research of spirit animals/guides but have not gotten hands own serious with it. I have not really studied anything to really define myself as anything meager.

Works I'm looking into: I have always been interested in spirits, so that led me to learning to communicate with spirits which led me to the astral plane and astral projection. I'm also looking into alchemy, creature research (on the astral plane.) I have dabbled in herbalism but am just now starting into it seriously finding all kinds of things such as a remedy to help with rosacea.

Zodiacs: I believe if your date of birth is close to the date of another zodiac then you pick up some of the traits of the other zodiac sign. I am a Capricorn, I was born on the 17th and Aquarius sign starts on the 20th and I have found that I do have traits of the Aquarius. My Chinese zodiac is the dog and I'm part pig. I'm very proud of all my zodiacs.

Spirit Guardians/Protectors: I have 1 animal guide, a female alpha wolf that I meet during meditation. I have one ancestor guide, a witch who had been hung with her horse during the Salem witch trials. I have many protectors. Ektor, a skull creature that can shape shift. Neva, a wolf demon of sorts who was given to me by a friend's mother. A creature with the furry red body of a snake, the arms of a raccoon and the head/skull of a cat. And last and my most favorite 3 brothers who I don't have their names yet.

Chakra: As you can tell My chakra has greatly improved. Bellow link is where I got my test

Before 2013

-Root: -50% (under active)

-Sacral: 38% (open)

-Navel: -75% (under active)

-Heart: 75% (over active)

-Throat: 31% (open)

-Third Eye: 6% (open)

-Crown: 0% (under active)

Now 3/12/14

Root: (-12%) under-active

Sacral: (56%) open

Navel: (38%) open

Heart: (50%) open

Throat: (38%) open

Third Eye: (50%) open

Crown: (12%) under-active

Flaws: I tend to be colder now, I don't listen to my mother much anymore when it comes to my studies. It's strange before getting deep into spiritual healing I could name hundreds of flaws but now it seems to be hard to find them.

Positives: I am much stronger in a sense where I can bluntly tell you what the deal is. I'm protective and will defend you if the situation calls for it meaning if you?re being attacked for no reason, I will fight. If you're being attacked for your own dumb reasons, I'm just ganna sit and watch and if I need to then I'll step in and help.


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