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Name: Betty131
Location: New Haven, CT
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 24 Oct 2016

Membership: Member
Coven Title: Member

Personal Bio
I was born in New Haven, Connecticut with various abilities.

Animals that I have are a small dog (mixed bread), a Bearded Dragon ( lizard), and 4 cats (1 of which is all black).

I am a christian, green, ecclectic, gray witch.

I belive that family and relationships are most important.

I do not belive in using animals or humans for any type of ritiuals or experimentation at all.

I do believe in God, Angels, Demons, and other other worldly beings, and do belive in an afterlife and that those on the other side can guide or do harm to us if we are not careful with what we do here on Earth.

My abilities are genetic, and where passed down through my mother's genes.

I am very educated, and always find time to learn and sincerely believe that one is never to old to learn or experience new things, weather it be throuh education or life experience.

I have a great love and respect for all life, animals, plants, and people.

I believe that every living creature, no matter how great or small, has value, and will not use or abuse any living being in any way, because of my love and respect for them.

I have a special affection for all kinds of cats, dogs, rodents, reptiles, birds, and humans.

Nature and the natural order of things are very important to me.

As a witch, I specalize in the careing for and healing of all types of animals.

Abilities that I have are the abilities to see and feel human and animal spirits, and the healing of all types of animals.

My lineage is speckled with people of various psychic and healing abilities.

I am a witch, who uses many forms of the craft, and continues to grow within it. I am also a psychic, medium and healer.

I will only go according to the natural order of things on the positive side. I will not deal with curses, hexes, or anything negitave due to the 3 fold law, but will use them if, absolutely necessary.

Do not under any cercumtsnces ask for free advice, things cost monry. People can control their own destiny.

I would like to have friends and companions in my life from Connecticut, who would appreciate and complement me, my abilieies, and my lifestile.


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