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Name: thewolfborn
Birthday: Jul 27 1999
Location: Buffalo, New York
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 30 Nov 2013

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
**So I was born with the abilities and powers of a wolf.

whats your point? **

ever since I was little, I've always believed I was half dog/wolf.

everyone believed it. my parents included.

I'm a Roman Catholic, and yes, I practice Wicca

God will always be first

I have an extreme hearing ability, sounds only animals can hear

I communicate with animals. I've been connected to them since I was born

I have a bearded dragon, a veiled chameleon, two budgerigars, three American toads, and an American bulldog. I've communicated with all them at least once

I have the ability to run at speeds most people would think is impossible at this age

yeah you'll probably think I'm faking it but I'm not. I swear on my life.

I have wolf/ husky blue eyes, coincidence, eh not believers?

I have an amazing, and I mean AMAZING sense of smell

same with eyesight

I can see better in the dark than in the light

I have a strong connection to wolves, I've encountered them countless times and have gotten along fine with them, being wild and all.

I'm just waiting for the love of my life to call out to me

we're best friends, and he's admitted to me he thinks I'm "the one" but he hasn't made a move. he's made me suffer from depression for a year, but I still love him

ive bled for him

my wrist, neck, stomach, and thighs have taken abuse because of my love for him

he will be my one and only love, I can say that


now for the more normal things

I love video games

The Legend of Zelda and Skyrim are my ALL TIME FAVORITE GAMES EVER

skyrim got me interested in spells, which led to Wicca.

some people consider me emo, scene, alternative, ect.

I like deathcore, metalcore, *screamo*

Sleeping With Sirens is my all time favorite band

I've always had a passion for Wicca and mythology.

I used to play a game called "witches and wizards" with my friend Sophie. she is also interested I'm Wicca, but does not practice it like I do. occasionally she will do something "Wiccan" with me, and she's the only person I practice with

I've been considered a siren for my singing, watch out c;

I remember my past life, feel free to contact me with questions about anything you would like to know

I remember my past spiritual life

I had a dragon with the element of darkness, the name is Onyx

whenever i take my bronze hummingbird necklace off I lose my wolf abilities

don't mess with it

I will






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