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Name: XemnasRoxas
Gender: Male
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sorry communication limit reached any questions send to my gmail!! :)

like video games, movies, kingdom hearts, Naruto, magic, movies, computers, tech. in general, the Gods and Goddesses I follow are the Greek Gods and Goddesses and well im a pretty nice person as long as you are nice if your mean to me then I really do not care for you, im very clarvoiyant i was born that way say my entire life and changed it for the better and i also am very fascinated with ancients and ancient things and relics anything that has magic really im an over all nice guy and very wise for my age im told im at least 100 years old from my wisdom i was born with that as well i know that the gods are out there because i have met them and i was a demigod in a past life to one of the big three i have been reincarnated at least 13 times perhaps even more i have memories of almost all of my past lives, well any ways i have one last thing to say i wish for the worlds no the universe to be reborn in equility of everything also to have the games, tv shows, movies, anime, cartoons, etc... to become reality and help in the universe i do hope my wish comes true id very much like to meet Sora, Roxas, Riku, Zack Fair, Cloud Strife, Naruto Uzimaki, Sasuke Uchiha, Roddick Farrence, and many more people that are pure of heart and that of which are kind even when they are cruel like Sasuke i knew he could not be that cruel i also knew he would go home to the leaf well thats enough babbling i do hope all goes well for the future i envision and for the future in general so i say this happy spell casting and say respect the Gods and Goddesses blessed be.

For the friends I have made on here that believes that I am their friend if you want to contact me to please email me at the following e-mail address:

I do hope you all contact me there from now on!! :)

For new people and business related to magic I will take here I will no longer except personal messages here, on som (spells of magic) I will say if you have a personal message and are a friend, and means no harm contact me at the email listed above alright?


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