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Name: Lydia2
Birthday: 1986
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 08 Mar 2016

Membership: Member

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I hate this 25-character limit on forum topic titles. It's impossible to convey the meaning of many topics in so few characters.

There are some people on this forum, including at least one moderator (update: Now two of them are moderators; one of them got promoted), who are 'magic inquisitors'- people who associate their own orthodox doctrines about magic with their sense of dominance, and assert their dominance by trying to force said doctrines onto others. There are also some people on this forum, including multiple moderators (such as AwakeTooLong), who assert dominance by falsely portraying what a person has posted.

And when a person rejects said dominance-assertion, they re-assert dominance by libelling the person who defied their collective dominance (sometimes even by projecting their own belief-forcing intent upon them(!)), and/or by deleting the dominance-challenger's valuable informative posts, and/or by banning the dominance-challenger's ability to post in the forums and send private messages (as certain exceptionally sociopathic admins- AwakeTooLong and most likely Personified as well, have done to me ). Said collective dominance-asserters include AwakeTooLong, Personified, WhiteRav3n, Brysing, powerme, ZeusUniverse, and possibly one or more others. AwakeTooLong also displays the hallmark sociopathic behavior of projecting his own lack of self-control (of his desire for a sense of collective dominance) onto those who violate his sense of collective dominance.

There is also Lark, who pushes her own preferred orthodoxy about magic onto newbies, like she does in these posts here: .
Lark makes that same proselytism post to all vulnerable newbies, verbatim.
I googled the word 'Lark' and the phrase 'spells and how they work' within the spellsofmagic website, in order to determine just how many of such proselytism posts Lark made, and the answer is about eleven-thousand five-hundred . Talk about a pushy proselytizer!

I've noticed that the rank of 'Knowledgeable' is more likely to be indicative of a person's deceptive libellous temperament (e.g. Eissy, Brysing, AwakeTooLong) than it is about actual knowledgeability, due to the psychological fact that such people support eachother, in this case by giving eachother high reputation.

But the deceptiveness on this forum does not end there. A member named OthalasWind created descriptions of the different member rankings, and among those is a description of the term 'fluffy'. But OthalasWind's definition of 'fluffy' has very little to do with the actual definition of the term, being a deliberately deceptive and made-up definition. You can see that here:
One forum member providing such a false definition would normally not be notable, but in this case the post was made into a sticky by an admin , which indicates that an admin endorses OthalasWind's deceptive definition.

About me:
I am married, and the mother of two young children.

I am the antithesis of 'fluffy': I don't do spells, I'm not a witch, and I don't believe in stuff like astrology, divination, chakras, auras, astral projection, psionics, or radionics. The magic that I know is of a different sort.

Many times I have been able to use particular meditative techniques to successfully encounter a deity- the Cosmic Spirit of Right, which has taught me a large amount of knowledge. Among that knowledge, the deity has taught me about a type of magic: cosmic spirit magic.


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