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Name: Tristyana
Location: A distant land in hell
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 02 Jan 2015

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
TO anyone that reads this thank you for taking your time.

Interests/ Hobbies....

-I write, draw, paint.

-My cards to those who know.

-Music is a must, and concerts of course.




-Helping others.

-I do spells on occasion.

-Psychology, works of the mind. Sometimes handy work.

-Energy manipulation...with my two different energies.

-Talking to the dead, fellow demons

A little about me...

I came upon this site on sheer luck. I was searching the internet for help with learning about astral projection and Esteric realm. Well I have came a long way. My abilities are developing and soon I will be able to see what's unseen. I am an intuitive medium. As well as light worker. But I believe you need some darkness to balance out the light. My beliefs are constantly changing the more I advance into the Spiritual side of life. I believe in individuality, independence, curiosity of the mind, knowledge, and seeking truths. Good thing is that I keep growing. I can talk to animals. I hear what they have to say and yes I seem dumb cause I continue to talk to them as if they are people. I consider their feelings, desires, and wants. Animals mostly love me regardless. I have a heart for the Elderly but I disagree to prolong their agony of being on this earth. And yes you may get angry with me for that. But I would rather not see them suffer any longer than what they have to.

I am non-judgemental.

Very Friendly. I love to learn what I don't know from others.

I am misdiagnosed by doctors. Because I live in the Bible Thumping Belt. Unfortunately. I guess best way for them to explain my abilities.

I can manipulate energy, I have light and fire energies within side me. My balance of energy radiates through my aura. I have learned quite a bit from my teacher, Rue Tasshii. I can conceal energy, open portals to other worlds. I can use lightning, water and alter illusion of what you see before you.

Now on to better and bigger things.

I have learned some things recently that I am struggling with. It has to do with Knowledge of Good and Evil.

I was raised a Christian...But I shall not go on about that. Miserable time of my life. Besides one moment.

I can feel, be touched, and hear entities all over. I can hear at vast ranges. And on top of that I can channel to other people and give them warnings or messages they need to know.

I am currently in college earning a degree in journalism.

Any questions just message me. Or if you want to just say hi. I am fine like I said very friendly. Besides I always like a good chat.


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