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Name: luna112
Location: In the corner. hiding from the light...
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 09 Oct 2015

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If I don't answer than it means I have gone over my communication limit and I will ccontact you as soon as i can

My name is nevaeh which is backwards for heaven also meaning hell, my mother named me that to spite me and I have not the heart to change it I keep it as a reminder of who I am. My mother and father both rejected and neglected me before I turned 16 and left the house. I was bullied at school and had no friends so I left everything behind and moved. I now live with myself in a dinky flat in the suburbs of the city. I claimed money from my parents and have started up my new life. If it is much of a life...

I am not a regular human, my mother knew moderate levels of magick and so now a curse lies upon me. I often get vivid visions that result in physical pain to my body.

In a room full of happiness

She sits so depressed

In a shadow of darkness

On a never-ending search

A search for happiness

A search for success.

The opposite of what she feels is her,

She can't leave her shadowy corner

Her corner full of darkness & hate

She can't leave the bad memories of her child hood behind,

That brings her so much sadness & pain

In every one she sees her Mom and her dad

So many people

So many times I have tried to guide her away

But in the shadowy of darkness

It is all she has ever known

Its not something

That I can explain

The complete emptiness & hate

Is what keeps her sane.

People don't understand

Why she stays there all day

As she slowly watches

Herself decay.

In the shadow of darkness

She sees only black and white

In the shadow of darkness

There is nothing bright.

Memories begin to flood

Memories that bring pain

Memories so faint,

Yet so vein

In the shadow of darkness

She feels she must never leave

In the shadow of darkness

She must forever grieve

She doesn't understand

And always asks

Why am I so different from every one else?

Why doesn't any one take the time to under stand me?

But there is one thing in this darkness,

that she has always realized,

that this is her place no matter what,

the darkness will one day consume her if it has not already,

The darkness is always there for her,

unlike any one else.


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