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Name: Justus27
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 11 Jul 2014

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Hey how's it going my namees Justus but I like the name takashi or otonashi well its funny how it says keep your bio clean kids get on I am a kid :P well my birthday is next week I'm like a kid I will be 14 yayyy I'm not a bad person but I really wanna learn some magic. I'm also learning kinetic abilities you know like telekinesis and things but its really hard maybe I need more belife I beleve a lot but maybe I need more like I never seen a spell work but since kinesis is real why can't this.that's all I wanna say bout myself don't wanna waste your time bye :) :D

I'm going to answer all these questions on here because I'm on my phone and its jack will

1. How old are you? 2. How would you describe yourself as a practitioner? Please explain. 3. What path have you choosen or are you still looking? Please explain. 4. How many years (if any) of study do you have, and please list what you have studied. 5. If you have any Deities please list them for me, otherwise please state that you are still looking. 6. What are you looking to get out of the coven? What do you expect out of the coven?Please explain. 7. What can you bring to the coven? Please explain. 8. What do you expect from the coven or the covens atmoshere? Please explain. 9. What were your past accounts/usernames, if you ever had any? 10. If you were a member of another coven: Which one? and Why did you leave?

1.13 turning 14,2.just starting,3.still looking,4.none I never really thought of studing spells till I decided I wanted to be a merman so I wanna get strong enough to transform into one,5.I don't know what deities,6.trying to find a mentor so I can get help,7.if I learn I get on often I could teach others and make spells to contribe to the coven, become a very skilled spell caster,9.don't have any,10.spell caster, because i t seemed like everyone was joining and I don't know what path I want to join yet I heard this teaches a lot of path and it even said I could find a mentor.

Haha I wonder if there's a spell to get smarter I feel dumb sometimes like I'm smart but I don't know what words mean

Well that's my life


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