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Name: JustaPitbull
Location: Washington
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 20 Nov 2013

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Hi, I go by Pitbull. It's an earned nickname via the way I love so deeply, protect my own (and the innocent), and live life in the moment. That's just the tip of me. Anyway, I'm not necessarily new to Wicca. Turns out my personal beliefs that I followed all through jr high and high school and just reinforced through my adult years is basically Wicca. I've always been energy based and energy sensitive, I have a special connection to animals (I'm called a horse whisper and I just laugh). I have recently figured out that I'm most likely a witch, I've been told I am Charmed, and I have also been told I have a beautiful Aura/energy about me ("energy" used by those that have no idea what they are feeling lol). My animals are a passion and are a gift in my life. I communicate through there energy and the utmost respect for them. They are my life force energy.

I give others in my life good luck and manage to keep myself alive even though I'm beyond accident prone (beyond!!), and ex boyfriends seem to find life partners after we break up. My life exists to affect others positively.

I'm a Leo, however, I'm an Aquarius Moon sign. I am a pure mix of my sun and moon sign. I live at night, was born at night, I'm impossible to tie down and live a very confident secure life.

As for being Charmed, I have been in several situations in my life that should have killed me, severely hospitalized me, broken bones, or made me bleed profusely. I have never been put in a cast, never been in the hospital over night (other than a planned surgery for one night), and I've never been put on crutches by a doctor. The other day I should have had a broken arm or ribcage=bruised forearm, the other week I should have had a broken something from my right foot all the way to my right hand and knocked unconscious=gorgeously bruised elbow,... I have too many to list. No I'm not in a bad marriage, I train/retrain horses and live with no fear of pain... none. I don't register pain properly so no need to fear it. Lol.

Anyway, enough about me. If there is a "senior" member here that could tell me something I don't know about my gift, please by all means, enlighten me. I want to learn spell casting at this point in my life and my husband is supportive of that. I believe in 3 fold so intend on sticking primarily to white magick even though I know I have it in me to reek havoc with black magick.


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