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Name: KCDarkWolf
Birthday: Oct 29 1996
Location: On the computer playing minecraft
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 21 Feb 2014

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello! Let me say a few words about myself:

1) I am not a wizard, but I try to be whenever one is needed ;)

2) I know many things, but I try to not quote myself.

3) I am an infrequent Mage meaning, like the grey wanderer, I come and go as I please

4) I am a writer of spells, yet I shall not share them unless they are really needed.

5) If I give you a spell then it is up to you to use it right. Also, since it is a newer spell it needs more focus and energy to ensure quality. One of the rules of magic is, "The more a spell is cast, the more potent it becomes"

6) I don't care what you do with magic so long as it is not mine!

7) I only teach to those who are willing to learn. I'm stubborn enough for all of us, so its easier if you just roll with it ;P

8) Do I know you? If not then don't expect any castings to be done for you!

9) I'm wthout many tools, so all of my magic is energy based. Do with that info as you will. O.o

10) My name is Kyle. You may refer to me as either my profile name or real name but please no nicknames.

11) Befor you ask any personal questions like where do you live and such, let me tell you this: you will never know. :P

I have already been asked to perform spells for people, but none have received any. Refer to list above for details.

Q & A: If you have any questions, check here befor asking.

Q:"Hey you are a spell writer, can you write one that will turn me into a vampire/werewolf?"

A:No. All you need to know is that both fall under the catigory of CURSE, not spell, and I do not help people curse one another wether it is imaginary or not. I will say no more.

Q:"Can you write me a love spell?"

A:I am a keen to help those in state of romantic distress (story of my life), therefor I might write you a spell for it. Beware, a love spell that I WRITE will only work if you truly love the recipient.

Q:"Any good wealth spells?"

A:If you are so lazy that you must use magic to get money, then you shall revive no help from me! Remember that a luck spell is vastly different from a money spell.

If I may help you in any way do ask.

May the gods guide you!


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