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Name: maziel
Birthday: Sep 21 1993
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 11 Oct 2013

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Hi, well I don't know where to start. My interest in witch craft started probably when I was a little girl. My family is cuban so naturally my mother and grandmother were involved in "espirtismo" or spiritualism I think is the proper term for it. My mother and grandmother are both mediums and witches with their own gifts and strengths. My grandmother is very good at prayer and divinition. She reads tarot cards and in my opinion is amazing at it, my mom is pretty good at tarot too, but shes better at spells and cleanses. Where do I come into all of this? Well, I dont know whats my strong suit as of yet...I just know that I often predict things before they happen and cant explain why, I feel the emotions of people that are living and that are not living, I feel things i guess and i believe I have a strong intuition of people...oh I too also read tarot, I do it for free and according to the people I have read I am very accurate. What am I looking for from this site..i suppose I want to better understand the spiritual world a little more while being able to protect myself better from things that I consider "dark" or "unholy". I belive I am a witch but I do belive in God and in guardian angels and the holy spirit. I believe that all things are spiritually connected in some way or another. All in all if you have any questions on afro cuban religions such as santeria or spiritualism I will help u expand ur knowledge of this subject to the best of my abilities, if u have christian related questions I also can help, cuban remedies, family spells or just have any questions in general feel free to ask. I will also do a lot of asking as well. Thanks for ur time in reading my poorly written bio. Once again dont be shy :)

Sun; Virgo, Moon; Sagittarius, Ascendant node; Aries

Short summary:


*Spanish tarot card reader

*astrology (not an expert)

*palmistry (not very good)

* afro cuban religious culture

*spells that I know

*willing to learn

*patient to teach

Please feel free to message me


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