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Your thoughts are colored by your emotions and you find it nearly impossible to maintain objectivity today. Your fantasies superimpose your notion of beauty on to the world around you, enabling you to imagine amazing potential ahead. Your idealism serves you well if it motivates you to make your wishes come true. However, living in a bubble of illusions can isolate you from the real world. Ultimately, success belongs to those who see their dreams as a blueprint for their future. Get Your Complete Cosmic Profile Vito, Vitto, Vita, Vitus, Life, Life Giver, Life Saver, English, Italian, Latin Finding satisfaction can be an uphill battle when you're dealing with an unhappy partner or when you recognize the pain of your unfulfilled needs. Relationship issues confront you with your own drive to be in control now as nurturing Venus opposes domineering Pluto in your 7th House of Partnerships. It's all too easy to play the blame game, but there are no winners if anyone ends up feeling like a loser. Be truthful about your desires; expressing them in a loving manner turns a potential breakdown into a powerful breakthrough. Get Your Complete Cosmic Profile! Veritas, Truth, Accuracy, Correctness, Proper, Real, English, Italian, Latin "Robinson Crusoe", by the English novelist Daniel Defoe, is a historical novel that describes the life of a merchant who becomes stranded at sea and survives on a tropical island. His Christian faith gives him inspiration and strength to survive. Robinson Crusoe fights pirates and makes friends with other sailors, including another abandoned character named Friday. Together they survive shipwrecks and attacks. They fight back a mutiny and escape. "A Journal Of the Plague Year", by the English novelist Daniel Defoe, describes the bubonic plague and the terrors of disease. This is a historical novel that takes place during the years of quarantine in England because of the disease, spread by rats and fleas. The Christian faith survives along with the Church of England, and the country eventually rebuilds. "Moll Flanders", by the English novelist Daniel Defoe, is a historical novel about an orphan who runs away and changes her name. She becomes a prostitute and thief, changes her name several more times, and adopts the name of Moll Flanders after the pirate Moll Cut Throat Flanders. She is apprehended and sentenced to death when a priest intervenes and saves her life. He then rehabilitates her and she becomes a Christian. "People Of The Lie", by Doctor M. Scott Peck, is a Christian science book for families. The book describes the work of faith and love despite adversity. The enemy seeks to ruin families and possess the earth, but the Christian faith prevents the devil from influencing the innocent. "The Road Less Travelled", by Doctor M. Scott Peck, is a Christian science book about Christian faith, hope, and charity. This book describes the work of God in the lives of good and faithful Christians who love each other and love God. "Dare To Discipline", by Doctor James Dobson, is a Christian science book about faith, hope, charity, and Christian discipline. God is active in the lives of faithful Christians who respond with praise and thankfulness. Children learn to become productive Christians and happy adults. "Hostage To The Devil", by Seminarian Malachi Martin, is a Christian science book about the Christian faith and exorcisms. God works miracles in the lives of faithful Christians and protects the congregation from harm. (-1) + 2 = 1; (-5) + (-5) = (-10); (-5) - (-5) = 0; -3 + 2 = (-1); (-10) - 2 = (-10) + (-2) = (-12); (-1)2 = (-2); (-5)(3) = (-15); (-4)/2 = (-2); (-100)/5 = (-20); 100(5) = 500; (-500)/(-4) = 125; 55/5 = 11; (-55)/(-5) = 11; (-55)/5 = (-11); 55/(-5) = (-11); weight is distributed so that each leg of a chair supports the other legs of a chair, and the seat creates a second vertical plane, so weight moves to the axis of the chair near the second vertical plane; (-7)(5) = (-35); 10(4) =40; 20 /. 10. X. 2. This is a number tree. /. . /. 5. X. 2 X 2 X 1 500/5 = 100; 325/25 = 13; 300/100= 3; 750/75 = 10; 33/11= 3; 44/4 = 11; 77/7 = 11; 22/11 = 2; 22/2 = 11; 33/11 = 3; 33/3 = 11; 44/11 = 4; 44/4 = 11; 55/5 = 11; 55/11 = 5; 66/11 = 6; 66/6 =11; 77/7 = 11; 77/11 = 7; 88/11 = 8; 88/8 = 11; 99/11 = 9; 99/9 = 11; 110/10 = 11; 110/11 = 10; 220/10 = 22; 230/10 = 23; 210/10 = 21; 200/10 = 20; 240/10 = 24; 250/10 = 25; 260/10 = 26; 270/10 = 27; 280/10 = 28; 290/10 = 29; 300/10 = 30; 50 /. 25 X 2. This is a number tree. /. . /. 5 X 5 X 2 X 1 The Uncanny X Men of Marvel Comics are a group of mutant heroes. Professor Xavier is a mutant scholar who works with other mutants to learn about the mutation gene. His mission is to encourage peace and live cooperatively with other mutants and with people. This means that they defend peace, law and order, and justice. Scott is Cyclops, a mutant with intense energy and stamina. Jean Grey is the Phoenix, a mutant with telepathic abilities. Logan is Wolverine, a soldier by trade, with the ability to quickly recover from wounds and with adamantium fused to his skeleton. Beast is a mutant with the ability to shape shift. Aurora is Storm, a mutant who controls the elements. The Uncanny X Men work well together and form lasting friendships. Madonna is a talented dancer, actress, and singer. Her songs and albums are inspirational and tasteful. The Immaculate Collection, Ray Of Light, True Blue, Blond Ambition, Justify My Love, Music, and Madonna's Holiday Album are happy and stylish collections of love songs and music. Like A Prayer is about devotion and faith. Madonna has a lot of talent, charity, and faith in her heart. These values are vibrantly reflected in Like A Prayer. Like A Virgin is another fun song about purity and virtue. This song is playful and fun. Madonna has a fun personality. True Blue is a love song. This song is honest and heartfelt. True Blue is about honesty and devotion. Holiday is a happy holiday song. This song is or vacations and celebrations. Holiday is a party song. Justify My Love is a love song. Madonna has a talent for love songs such as this. Tell Me is another love song. This song is written tongue in cheek. The video features Madonna dancing and singing. Papa Don't Preach is a song about family and understanding. This is a good song about enduring faith. Music is a song about art and style. Vogue is another good song about art and style. Ray Of Light is about vibrancy and life. Express Yourself is about art and appreciation. Frozen is a song about life and hope. Celebration is a fun song about festive and happy events. Time is a song about priorities and responsibility. Time is important so be ready and prepared. Yard work is fun and productive. I remember bagging leaves as a teenager. There was always something to do around the yard like collect wood, rake leaves, sweep the porch, mop the kitchen and patio, wash the patio and windows, and mow the lawn. Some lawns are flat but some lawns have hills. We moved from home to home during the nineteen-eighties, when I was in grade school and later in high school. I got plenty of experience raking and bagging leaves. I also walked our dogs and fed the cats. We had pets, so cleaning the yard and feeding the pack was a priority. They were good pets, Sunset, Moonrise, Asia, Bear, Missy, Rachel, Sunflower, Blackie, and Fosty. Bear and I walked for miles every day for a period of months. Those miles add up over time to something like five hundred miles in three or four months. That is hiking every day with a canine companion. I would hike alone as well, making sure I was fit and strong. Hiking is like work, but better in some ways. Hiking takes a plan. So does work. Hikers need water, food, and safety supplies. So do yard workers. Hikers take breaks to rest and cool off. So do yard workers. Cleaning is a tough job, but it has to get done. Laundry needs to get washed and dried. Floors be to be swept and mopped. Cars need washing. Windows need cleaning. Furniture needs dusting. Dishes need washing. Yes, all of these activities kept me busy during my youth and well on into adulthood. I moved on to college and started cookin, serving pizza and sandwiches, coffee and soda to paying customers. I moved furniture and worked as a security guard. This was interesting and valuable, because I developed a strong appreciation for quality. I still mow the lawn. I still clean the carport. I still rake leaves. I also worked in stores, stocking shelves, renting movies, and selling groceries. I worked as a phone surveyor and a doorman. These were interesting jobs. Good manners and formal clothes are assets. Some jobs allow casual clothes like denim and shirts, but others require more expensive clothes and thoughtful speech. I personly did not meet very many unsatisfied customers, but my coworkers and bosses sometimes got a few. Usually a refund or exchange made them happy again. Service is important, but every job has limitations and so I moved on from job to job, looking for money and benefits. Salary is different at each office, and benefits ae different as well. A lot of jobs are only temporary, so benefits are scarce. Some jobs last longer than others. Some jobs are part time. Some jobs are full time. Some jobs are relaxed and easy going - actually fun to do, like decorating a ballroom or a reception room. Other jobs are a hassle, like janitorial work. Safety is always important to remember. Keep walkways clean and clear of obstacles. Know where the fire extinguishers are. Keep away from chemicals. Stay away from high voltage. Do not tamper with fire. Wear safety gloves. Wear safety goggles. Stay away from traffic. Stay away from wrecks. Make a list of emergency numbers to call in case something does go wrong. Dialing 0 can call the operator and the operator can notify the fire department or call the police. Dialing 911 directly calls an emergency operator who can contact police and firemen. These ae good to know and review so that jobs do work out well and accidents are avoided. Insurance is something to think about as well, like health insurance and car insurance. These protect and insure health care and automotive maintenance. Life insurance and home insurance are useful to protect the home and plan for retirement. Life insurance and retirement planning are practical for the future. Customers enjoy entertainment and clean service, good manners and reliable service, and affordable rates. Driving jobs such as delivery require good driving skills. I also worked as a delivery driver. Drivers must be safe at all times and not be prone to accidents. Some customers want to complain. Not all of them do but when this happens then they can be offered a discount. Good employees will listen without becoming impatient. Overtime is good to consider when there is time for it. Employees who work well together and stay productive can make overtime money by staying at work a few extra hours. This helps a lot, because good employees know what to do and can do it. Honest work pays well. That is the reason honesty is the best policy. Cheaters are not appreciated. Cheaters get banned. They are not allowed to work for an employer who sends them away for cheating. Cheating is illegal and unproductive, so do not cheat. Do your job properly and stay out of trouble. Nobody at work needs trouble. Nobody at home needs trouble. Do your job and stay out of trouble. Indian Guide is a group project for students and neighbors. Families participate in programs to benefit the community. Sports, academics, and prayer are important to Indian Guide members. Merit Badges reflect participation and achievement. The are symbols of creativity and appreciation. Our Indian Guide Group met periodically throughout the school year. We made headbands and name badges. We talked about homework and each member described a favorite activity, book, sport, or holiday. I did yard work, cooked, washed dishes, cleaned rooms, and moved furniture during summer vacation. I also worked during the school year later on in college. Sports like soccer, football, swimming, and frisbee are fun. I liked to hike and play pool. My friends also play pool. Indian Guide is a good motivator to do well in school and in life. I made friends at Indian Guide. I learned how to listen and focus. I had fun working on creative projects like models and pictures. I had fun at camp, swimming, water skiing, and hiking. I learned how to work and accomplish my goals. Indian Guide is important because of the friendships that develop and because of the practical skills that students learn. Distributive property = states that a number modifying parenthesis will modify every term in the parenthesis. 5(4 + 8a - 2) = 70; (20 + 40a - 10) = 70; (40a + 10) = 70; 40a = 60; 4a = 6; a = 1.5 3(5 - 2) = 9; 3(3) = 9 10(4/2) = 10(2) = 20 Inverse of operations = states that an equation can be worked backwards. 5 + 4 = 9; 9 - 5 = 4; 9 - 4 = 5 10(4) = 40; 40/10 = 4; 40/4 = 10 100/4 = 25; 25(4) = 100; 100/25 = 4 Property of balance and equality = states that what is done to one side of an equation is also done to the other side of the equation. 5 - a = 2; 5 - a + a = 2 + a; 5 - 2 = 2 - 2 + a; 3 = a 10 + 5 = b; 15 = b; 10 + 5 = 15 A - 5 = 20; A - 5 + 5 = 20 + 5; A = 25 North America consists of Canada and the United Sates. The United States is a country of independent states. Central America, also called Latin America, is Mexico, descended from Spain in Europe. Spanish is the national language, although Spanish is also called Latino - Latino American. This is not to be confused with Italian, which is different. South America consists of independent countries such as Brazil and Columbia. The North Pole is located above Canada, but is a neutral region. Eskimoes possibly lived there before migrating to Alaska. Salem's Lot, by the American writer Stephen King, is a horror novel about vampires. The town of Salem is under attack by lycanthropes that hunt down victims and steal their energy. Lycanthropy is a disease that plagues zombies, werewolves, and vampires. The infection is spread through the blood, usually caused by a bite. Werewolves are lycanthropes that shape shift during full moons, when they no longer remain human but become wolves. Giant werewolves hunt down their own kind as well as others. They flee sunlight, however, because the sun has power over them. Killing a werewolf is complicated, as killing any undead figure is complicated. This requires silver, silver daggers, silver bullets, and other such charmed weapons. Silver is special for it's supernatural quality. Normal weapons may wound werewolves but do little else. Werewolves were violent during their life so now they hunt each other for eternity. Fire can burn all lycanthropes, so silver and fire are used in combination. Zombies are undead creatures that resemble humans but have little or no brains. They rejected common sense and kindness during their lifetime, so now they cannot think. They eat each other like cannibals. The sun is fatal to them. Vampires are monsters that shapeshifte into other animals such as bats, wolves, and mice. Vampires hunt for blood, but must stay out of the sun. The sun is fatal to them. Vampires were liers and selfish during their life, so now they are cursed to scavenge. This story describes how Salem unites to destroy the vampire threat to their safety, peace, and happy way of life. IT is a horror novel by the American writer Stephen King. IT is a monster that hides in the woodlands and stalks the residents of a quiet town. The people realize that there is a problem and band together to fight IT. Friends survive by working together. IT is hurt and hibernates for a long time. The town is peaceful again until IT returns and continues to terrorize the residents. So the residents burn IT and crush IT until IT is dead for good. The characters in this book live a charmed and happy life. They are friends who admire each other and look forward to long and productive careers. They are loyal and hard working. They are devoted and kind. They like sports and movies. They celebrate holidays together and live good and productive lives. IT is such a contrast and disruption to them that they question themselves and their motives. Did they really mean all of those things they said about loving each other and their community? Would they actually die for each other? Would they sacrifice themselves to save their town? IT is an intrusion into all of their lives and priorities, causing them to make difficult and hard decisions. Everything Is Eventual is a book of horror stories. Stephen King, the American writer, collected stories about fame and loss, love and hurt, dreams and nightmares, and safety and danger in this book. Horror is about contrasts, love and hate, prosperity and greed, and safety and abuse. Each story describes a horrific situation where a character is lost or faces a life changing decision. Consequences result when characters disregard their conscience, causing them to suffer mental and physical torment. Everything Is Eventual is dramatic and witty. Stephen King writes with humor and style, describing surreal situations that characters learn from and grow or suffer and perish. Presidential candidates are responsible for the safety and security of the people whom they represent. This responsibility extends to education and health care. Fair trade, safe roads, national defense, education, health care, and environmental are priorities for all of our leaders. Public education effects the quality of life that people will have. Education is necessary for sound living. Education is necessary for employment. Higher education provides students with special opportunities to learn and to grow. Universities are paramount for success. A college degree is priceless. Health care provides infants with necessary vacinations. Health care monitors the growth and development of infants. Family care is often provided through employment, but can be applied for through government programs when employment becomes difficult. Welfare is one program for poor people to obtain health services. Welfare helps when disaster happens, when jobs are lost, when companies go out of business, and when insurance becomes costly. People prefer to live independent lives, free of debt and free of trouble. Supplemental programs can guide workers through the process of establishing their own economic solutions. National defense protects the nation from terrorism and tyranny. Voters care about protecting their way of life. Crime is reduced because of police and community volunteer programs. So National Defense is important to keep the nation independent of foreign malefactors. Voters also care about the quality of the environment and the protection of natural resources. Clean air, clean water, clean coasts, and clean national parks are on this agenda. Farmers need good crops to keep their produce in the stores. Farmers rely on the environment to stay productive. Ranchers also value good land, where they raise shep and cattle. The quality of life here in America is a product of voters who care about the issues that shape our national character and define our freedoms. America is a nation where Divine Providence is the guiding light. The Holy Grail is the cup of sacrifice and transfiguration containing the blood of Jesus Christ ( "The Edge Of the Unknown" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, "Saint Mathew" by Saint Mathew, "Saint Mark" by Saint Mark, "Saint Luke" by Saint Luke, "Saint John" by Saint John). Jesus Christ turned wine into His own blood as a covenant between God and man to forgive sin and heal the soul. He did this in front of His disciples before Judas Iscariot, the traitor, betrayed Him to an angry mob ( "The Passion Of The Christ" by Mel Gibson ). The Holy Chalice is a symbol of divinity and eternal life. The Holy Grail is a symbol of the covenant between God and man, a holy item belonging to the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, made for worship and prayer. The Old Testament Gospel describes the Ark Of The Covenant between God and Israel containing the Rod of Aaron, The Ten Commandments, and Holy Manna from Heaven ( "Exodus" by Moses, "Leviticus" by Moses, "Numbers" by Moses ). This Holy Mannna came from Heaven. This Holy Manna came from God Himself. This Holy Manna is the bread of life. Jesus Christ taught his disciples to love God and to love each other as God has loved them. God did this by providing eternal life through His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the Bread of Heaven. Jesus Christ is the "Word of God" ( "Saint John" by Saint John). Jesus Christ is the covenant of salvation and eternal life. The cross that Jesus died on was not meant to punish the innocent, yet Jesus Christ was totally innocent and did not deserve to die. We deserve death because of sin. Jesus Christ suffered the punishment of condemnation that we ourselves deserve because we are guilty. Yet Jesus Christ is totally innocent. Only God can forgive sin. Only God can heal the world. Only God is Holy. Only God is divine. Jesus Christ loves us despite our wicked nature. So Jesus Christ sacrificed Himself to save us. "By His wounds we are healed." ( "Saint John" by Saint John ). The Christian Church is the community of Christians who love God and worship Jesus Christ. The Holy Temple is the private House of God in Israel. Holy Scripture is preserved in the Holy Temple, as the Old Testament Gospel records this history. The Holy Bible is fact. The Holy Bible is the living word of God. Bible students learn from scripture as God intended. Jesus Christ taught in the Holy Temple during His lifetime. He also healed many people of infirmity. The name of Jesus Christ is revered. The Holy Grail belongs in the Christian Church among the faithful worshippers and devote clergy. Astronomy is the science of the universe, stars, planets, galaxies, and solar systems. Our solar system has a sun, a massive fireball that burns hydrogen and helium. Nuclear Fission is the process of separating atoms, splitting particles that release energy and cause other particles to split. Nuclear Fusion is the process of combining atoms, producing energy and causing other particles to combine. Solar flares are massive waves of fire that the sun periodically produces. A solar eclipse results when the moon, a satellite in orbit around Earth, moves between the sun and Earth, causing the moon to cast a shadow on Earth. A lunar eclipse results when the earth moves between the sun and the moon, causing Earth to cast a shadow on the moon. There are nine planets and an asteroid belt that orbit the sun in our solar system. These planets are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, the Asteroid Belt - perhaps a planet that broke apart or exploded - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Sir Isaac Newton explained the laws of motion in the universe. Any object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by a force. Any object at rest will remain at rest unless acted upon by a force. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Albert Einstein explained that energy equals mass multiplied by the speed of light squared, E = mc^2. Astronomers use telescopes to study distant objects. Telescopes magnify, collect, and reflect light, allowing images of far away objects to be seen. Remote sensing uses radar, sonic waves, radio waves, and electronic technology to observe distant objects. Our galaxy is the Mily Way Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is a disk shaped galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is one of several galaxies in a group of galaxies known as the Local Group. Our planet, Earth, supports life. SETI is the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence, life on far away planets. NASA is the National Astrophysics And Space Administration. NASA studies planets, stars, and galaxies across the universe. The principles of advanced first aid aim to prevent injury before it happens and to alert the proper professionals when it do happen. Citizen Responders who see an event may report the event by phone and word of mouth. Citizens must be careful not to tamper, however, because further injury must be avoided. More harm results from prematurely moving an injured victim, so do not move, shove, nor bruise the injured. Advanced first aid aims to educate and prevent disease, especially sexually transmitted diseases. Drug addiction must be discouraged as well, as prescription drugs must be observed with care and not abused. Alcohol and other controlled substances are dangerous. Designated drivers are important. Safety is also important to remember, such as seat belts and emergency phones. Motorcycle helmets are mandatory. Safety gloves and steel toe boots are useful as well. Excessive bleeding can be slowed and even stopped by the application of pressure bandages, clean wraps, ace bandages free of dirt, and band aids. Even pressure is kept over the wound so that the body retains more blood and stays warm. The ABC's of first aid are Airway, Breathing, and Circulation. The airway must be clear in order to breathe. Breathing must be unconstructed and steady. Circulation must be steady. Circulation provides oxygen to body cells, keeping muscles well and bones strong. Citizen Responders may note any obstacles such as debris, tree branches, and construction equipment that should be avoided. EMS, the Emergency Medical Service, depends on information such as this. EMPs, Emegency Medical Providers, need to know what the situation looks like and how many casualties need attention. Paramedics, firemen, and police may secure a victim and safely transport the injured to a hospital. The 9-1-1 emergency hotline is available to report emergencies. Motley Cr?e is a band that inspires and entertains. Hit albums include Theater of Pain, Live Wire, Shout At The Devil, Girls Girls Girls, New Tattoo, Decade of Decadence, M?tley Cr?e Live, Doctor Feelgood, and the self titled album M?tley Cr?e with John Corabi. Motley Cr?e is Vince Neil, Mick Mars, Tommy Lee, and Nikki Sixx. Hit tracks include Girls Girls Girls, Wild Side, Dancing On Glass, You're All I Need, Live Wire, Take Me To The Top, Merry Go Round, Saints Of Los Angeles, On With The Show, Shout At The Devil, Danger, Ten Seonds To Love, Bastard, Smokin In The Boys Room, City Boy Blues, Louder Than Hell, Fight For Your Rights, New Tattoo, Hooligan's Holiday, Home Sweet Home, Doctor Feelgood, Kickstart My Heart, Don't Go Away Mad Just Go Away, Motherfucker Of The Year, Looks That Kill, a version of Helter Skelter, Keep Your Eye On The Money, Dancing On Glass, If I Die Tomorrow, and I Will Survive. Metallica is another entertaining and inspiring band. Kill 'Em All, Master Of Puppets, And Justice For All, Black, Some Kind Of Monster, Garage Days Rerevisited, and Ride The Lightning are some hit albums. Metallica are James Hetfield, Cliff Burton, Dave Mustaine, Kirk Hammit, Jason Newsted, and Robert Trujillo. Hit Metallica songs include Four Horsemen, Hit The Lights, Seek And Destroy, Metal Militia, a Bass Solo by Cliff Burton - Anesthesia, Pulling Teeth - Phantom Lord, Master Of Puppets, Damage Incorporated, Leper Messia, Orion, The Thing That Should Not Be, Battery, Disposable Heroes, The Call Of The Khutulu, Trapped Under Ice, Ride The Lightning, Out For My Own, And Justice For All, Blackened, Some Kind Of Monster, Whiskey In The Jar, Wherever I May Roam, a version of Turn The Page, Sand Man, and a version of Green Hell. ZZ Top is an entertaining American Band. ZZ Top is Dusty Hill, Frank Beard, and Rick Goodman. Eliminator, Tres Hombres, and ZZ Top are some good albums. Hit tracks include Legs, Sharp Dressed Man, Under Pressure, and I Need You Tonight. Van Halen is a cool band as well. Van Halen include Eddie Van Halen, Wolfgang Van Halen, David Lee Roth, and Sammy Hagar. Hit albums include 5150, 1984, Balance, and Van Halen. Hit tracks include Panama, Jump, I Can't Stop Loving You, Right Now, That's What Dreams Are Made Of, The Cradle Will Rock, a version of California Girls, Explosion, I'll Wait, and Ain't Talkin 'Bout Love. ACDC is an entertaining band. ACDC include Bon Scott, Brian Johnson, Angus Young, and Malcolm Young. Hi albums include Who Made Who, Back In Black, Big Balls, ACDC Live, Fly On The Wall, and For Those About To Rock. Hit songs include Who Made Who, It's A Long Way To The Top, Back In Black, Hell's Bells, She's Got The Jack, Big Balls, For Those About To Rock, Rock And Roll Ain't Noise Pollution, and the Girl's Got Rhythm. 0(0) = 0, 0(1) = 0, 0(2) = 0, 0(3) = 0, 0(4) = 0, 0(5) = 0, 0(6) = 0, 0(7) = 0, 0(9) = 0, 0(10) =0, 0(11) = 0, 0(12) = 0, 1(0) = 0, 1(1) = 1, 1(2) = 2, 1(3) = 3, 1(4) = 4, 1(5) = 5, 1(6) = 6, 1(7) = 7, 1(8) =8, 1(9) = 9, 1(10) = 10, 1(11) = 11, 1(12) = 12, 2(0) = 0, 2(1) =2, 2(2) = 4, 2(3) = 6, 2(4) =8, 2(5) = 10, 2(6) = 12, 2(7) = 14, 2(8) = 16, 2(9) = 18, 2(10) = 20, 2(11) = 22, 2(12) = 24, 3(0) = 0, 3(1) = 3, 3(2) = 6, 3(3) = 9, 3(4) = 12, 3(5) = 15, 3(6) = 18, 3(7) = 21, 3(8) = 24, 3(9) = 27, 3(10) = 30, 3(11) = 33, 3(12) = 36, 4(0) = 0, 4(1) = 4, 4(2) =8, 4(3) = 12, 4(4) = 16, 4(5) = 20, 4(6) = 24, 4(7) = 28, 4(8) = 32, 4(9) = 36, 4(10) = 40, 4(11) = 44, 4(12) = 48, 5(0) = 0, 5(1) = 5, 5(2) = 10, 5(3) = 15, 5(4) = 20, 5(5) = 25, 5(6) = 30, 5(7) = 35, 5(8) = 40, 5(9) = 45, 5(10) = 50, 5(11) = 55, 5(12) = 60, 6(0) = 0, 6(1) = 6, 6(2) = 12, 6(3) = 18, 6(4) = 24, 6(5) = 30, 6(6) = 36, 6(7) = 42, 6(8) = 48, 6(9) = 54, 6(10) = 60, 6(11) = 66, 6(12) = 72, 7(0) = 0, 7(1) = 7, 7(2) = 14, 7(3) = 21, 7(4) = 28, 7(5) = 35, 7(6) = 42, 7(7) = 49, 7(8) = 56, 7(9) = 63, 7(10) = 70, 7(11) = 77, 7(12) = 84, 8(0) = 0, 8(1) = 8, 8(2) = 16, 8(3) = 24, 8(4) = 32, 8(5) = 40, 8(6) = 48, 8(7) = 56, 8(8) = 64, 8(9) = 72, 8(10) = 80, 8(11) = 88, 8(12) = 96, 9(0) = 0, 9(1) = 9, 9(2) = 18, 9(3) = 27, 9(4) = 36, 9(5) = 45, 9(6) = 54, 9(7) = 63, 9(8) = 72, 9(9) =81, 9(10) = 90, 9(11) = 99, 9(12) = 108, 10(0) = 0, 10(1) = 10, 10(2) = 20, 10(3) = 30, 10(4) = 40, 10(5) = 50, 10(6) = 60, 10(7) = 70, 10(8) = 80, 10(9) = 90, 10(10) = 100, 10(11) = 110, 10(12) = 120, 11(0) = 0, 11(1) = 11, 11(2) = 22, 11(3) =33, 11(4) = 44, 11(5) = 55, 11(6) = 66, 11(7) = 77, 11(8) = 88, 11(9) = 99, 11(10) = 110, 11(11) = 121, 11(12) = 132, 12(0) = 0, 12(1) = 12, 12(2) = 24, 12(3) = 36, 12(4) = 48, 12(5) = 60, 12(6) = 72, 12(7) = 84, 12(8) = 96, 12(9) = 108, 12(10) = 120, 12(11) = 132, 12(12) = 144 ...-20, -19, -18, -17, -16, -15, -14, -13, -12, -11, -10, -9, -8, -7, -6, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20... -5 + 7 = 2, -10 - (-5) = (-5), 7 - 10 = (-3), 3(-2) = (-6), 10/(-5) = (-2), 1 - 4 = (-3), 55 + (-55) = 0, 110 + (-20) = 90 (-) = (-), (-)(-) = (+), (-)(-)(-) = (-), (+) = (+), (+)(-) = (-), (+)(-)(-) = (+), (+)(+)(-) = (-), (+)(+)(+) = (+) 6 > 4, 4 < 5, 1 > 0, 10 < 11, 12 > 10, 100 > 99, 120 < 250, 1/2


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