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Name: NewStart
Location: The Theater
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 13 Jul 2014

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Welcome! :)

I am 'NewStart!' My name comes from my situation at the moment, a bit of a 'new start' for me.

I am VERY new to Witchcraft. At the moment, I'm just finding my path, feeling things out, trying new things. I don't quite know what to expect, but I'm willing to see where this leads me.

My most defining skill is a very vivid imagination. I can visualize things pretty well, and meditation helps aid that. So basically, I have a very strong mind. :)

I haven't done many spells, for as I've said, I'm VERY new to Witchcraft. However, I DO intend to learn more.

((A little bit about me: I LOVE writing, and I do a lot of theatrical performances. I do a bit of drawing as well. One of my favorite things to listen to is Wind...))

Knowledge is a very powerful thing to have, in my opinion. Though you need Wisdom to use you're Knowledge correctly.

*You should know that I do NOT tolerate people who claim to be supernatural. It's not that I don't believe someone has the potentiality to be a's just that YOU'RE not a supernatural, especially when you go around flaunting it on the internet. :)

*I also do not tolerate cyber bullying, harassment by email(cyber bullying, sexual harassment) rudeness, or anything else that I find disdainful of you to do. I WILL report you.

Have a nice day! :)


I'd like you to think about love. What is Love? Why does everyone desire it? And when someone captures it, do they let it go? Or do they keep it? Is love obsession? Is love a state of mind? Is love the mutual feeling between two people?


-Friends are like Stars, they come and go. But the ones who STAY are the ones who GLOW.


-O, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!

It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night

As a rich jewel in an Ethiop's ear--

Beauty too rich for use, for earth too dear.

So shows a snowy dove trooping with crows

As yonder lady o'er her fellows shows

The measure done, I'll watch her place of stand

And, touching hers, make blessed my rude hand.

Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight,

For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night. -Romeo


-Why then, O brawling love, O loving hate,

O anything of nothing first create! -Romeo


That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. -Juliet


-Life is scary, but don't let the fear control you. Just live your Life. :) -NewStart


I've never known someone as deserving of love as you. When it finds you; don't question it. - Impulse


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