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Name: SuperKitty99
Birthday: Sep 9 1999
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 15 Oct 2013

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Hello, my name is Sontia. I'm 14 years old, I'm a high school Freshman, and I basically want to know more information about Witchcraft, spells, and magic. My journey to learning about Witchcraft seems like it never started. It feels like I am missing something along my way. Something important. I decided to make an account to find someone or a group who can help me along my journey.

I have no friends at school. I'm anti-social. I don't like to talk to people i don't know face to face. On the internet, it's different, but trying to make a friend at school is hard for me. I couldn't go to the school orientation, I went to school about 2 days late, and it just seemed like everyone doesn't want to be bothered with me when I first went there. The only friend I have is my boyfriend, but he goes to another school. Also, we can't see each other, but we do message each other. Life has started to get even more hard for me ever since I entered high school. I wanted to find a way I could make my life better, and Witchcraft seems like it's the best way for me to be happy and for me to keep my life in balance.

I can't take any books from a local library about Witchcraft. In fact, i can't go to a local library unless my sister, who's older than me, goes with me. My mother and my sister are very devoted Christians. If I take a book about Witchcraft home with one of them seeing it, then they'll get very upset at me. Basically I've been trying to learn as much Witchcraft as I can by researching about it on my computer, but it sometimes seems like I'm either getting the wrong information or I'm just missing something that I need to know. I can't really do candle magic. My mom doesn't use any candles unless there's a blackout of some kind or if the electricity isn't working or something. So, if anyone has a lot of information about Witchcraft, could you please tell me and teach me more about it. I don't know where to start.

My goals in Witchcraft are as follows:

1. To cast my first spell.

2. To make my life better and more exciting.

3. To make my own spells.

4. To communicate with animals.

5. To discover and learn new things.

6. To make myself truly happy.

I think i have plenty of more goals, but those are the ones I could just think of at the top of my head. Thanks for taking the time to check out my profile, and don't forget, if you have any information about Witchcraft, make sure to just message me about everything you know. Also, if you know how to cast spells and do magic, just message me about how you got so far to cast a spell.

I LOVE to watch anime and listen to music. I Love Love Love chocolate and I like to imagine myself doing many extraordinary things (not like that :p). I have a very big imagination. I like to write stories and I like to draw a lot. I love to look at the trees and just see nature. I love cats and kittens. They're awesome. They're so awesome, I usually think of myself as a cat. :3 meow

Do not be afraid to message me. I will not respond to nonsense such as name calling. So if you want to message me, just do it. I won't bite :3


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