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Name: AsetIsis9
Birthday: Sep 29
Last Seen: Mon, 23 Sep 2013

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a new facebook group of magick was open and since i was gagged again with no reason because i wasn't chating i just sayed " lol pixa" whatever i hate this website anyway you will find me on my group and i invite you to join because there is nothing like here on my group...

Point 1.

First of all, i am sorry if my english sucks and i am happy if my wrong words will make you lough because everyone needs to smile from time to time... :)(next read Point 3)

(this is my third profile,i had a bug on my other 2) with the same name


Point 2.

i am studying Luciferian magic at the moment so if you have infos on the topic or you study Luciferian as well i would like to meet you, this way i will not feel so alone @ here and we could share some infos on the topic


Point 3.

i dont do online dating so if you dont have a smarter intention then just chating with me ... please retreat because we dont share the same intentions :) ( read Point 2 if you can do more)


i have nothing important to say, this is why i am here... to learn things and studdy so i can have something more to say :)

but if you have questions feel free to ask, i will gladly answer

i am a very friendly person :)

my magic name is Seth (as in the egiptian god)

First time i've discovered my magic name i was 13 years old and i've got obsessed with Seth,after a while i did some searchings and i found out that seth is actualy my egiptian zodiacal sign and that it fits me like a glove because i am a bit chaotic and creative and a bit manipulative sometimes but i do my best not to be "Seth" because it has a bad influence on me, after that i've started to play with elements and magic things untill i allmowst burned my room with a candle and i've stoped ... (now i start again but without the burning part i bilive :D )

Now i understand that all this info is irelevant to you but i'm doing my best so be patient with me please :)

Why am i interested in magic?

well lets just say things happen naturaly for me, i dont realy need spells to make something happen mostly because a thought it's enough for me to put things in motion...

aloth of times iv'e done it and i wasn't even serious about things ... for me its something like " what i wish its what i get " so i take care with what i wish :P

that's why i am interested in magic because i can do things but i can't control them as i would like to , i hope if i learn more to get a better control of things

i often dream about pagan simbols and sometime can be scary - and i dont understand a thing from what i dream about because they are not normal dreams,

i hope i am in the right place because most of the places i've been to people were actualy ... let's just say... not realy friendly :)

my birth name is Nicole and i am not seeking to be special, i just seek a place where i can be understanded and where people wont think i am nuts

i dont have friends because i dont bilive in friendship i think when you get to involved in a friendship something will happen and everything will collapse right in front of your eyes so i prefer stay away from that, it's easyer this way :)


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