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Name: CatPhoenix
Location: Midland Texas, but not forever.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 24 Mar 2014

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Status: It becomes confusing when theory starts to override everything that we know, and everything we know becomes theory.

Well, I wish go by Cat but my name in all actuality is Lyz. The meaning used to be very simple, but now the name Cat has obtained much depth to me. I am thirteen and wish to have endless knowledge of the art of Magick. If you doubt that I am serious about what I do I will probably get very upset. I am an empath and am an Eclectic Pagan, I feel this is where I belong. I believe in many of the gods and goddesses but mainly work with Nyx, the Greek gods, a few the Egyptian Gods, and also the Goddess and Horned God. I will admit that I am still in the earlier stages of my journey in the Craft, as I have been practicing for about seven months to my memory, but I do not assume I will change who I am anytime soon. I now know that this is who I am.

I'm most interested in Crystal Magick, Elemental Magick, Divination, healing Magick, Rune Magick, and Herbology even though I don't have anything specific to learn, I'm here to learn anything I can.

I like to work with the moon, and meditate at night. Reading and art are my hobbies along with writing. Also, if you message me once saying hello, do not message me again if I do not reply. It is spamming and it is rude. You will be blocked.

I also have a cat along with two dogs because I love animals. I don't litter... Ever. And if you do it near me I will most likely scold you for endangering the Earth.

A stronghold for me would have to be that I am awesome at visualization, as I am a writer, so it's easy to meditate and be able to visualize energy flowing through me and the earth. I have always been good at manipulating energy and learning quite fast, though pardon me if I make a mistake.

I'm not here to date despite what some of you think because if I really wanted somebody I would find them on my own, so please don't ask. If you do, I will not reply and you will be blocked.

If you have any question about the Craft that you think I have the ability to answer I would love to hear it as long as it is honest and you seriously cannot find the answer on your own. Bright Blessings and let the Lady guide your way.


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