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Name: Apsaras2
Birthday: Mar 2 1996
Location: In the Expanse
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 29 Sep 2014

Membership: Member

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Sorry my first account was acting up hidden beheath the land of sleep. I saw my dad die from a bullet to the head and my mom was rapped in front of me then killed. As for me I hid helpless and scared then I realized no one is trustworthy!

Hidden in a billion dreams. I can't stand the pressure that it brings. Living infinite lonelyness for eternity. I can't stand its dreadful things. Only me can dream this....

I am the number one of the Inferal 13. Our mission to keep the world safe from the supernatural.

My name is Tear Dita Hazelwood I am a Soul (i guess) That lives to draw people. The People that I Draw Die in a certain matter of Days so far. But that is not all I do I own a book called the White Chronicle. It alows me to defy the laws of Life. Sorry if I bore you but I don't like people who talk about themselves so much. I hate people period so don't ask How I am or dumb crap like that. I dislike people who are homo because it is unnatrual if we were to have two islands one with Gays and one with straight people the gays would die off after about 40-60 years. And if you have a problem with that go to a therapist not me. I am not willing to talk unless you can prove you are a true friend. As for my'll find out soon

I cannot love anymore my broken heart is now stone cold. But living in lonelness is sad. I can't be with anyone because I end up drawing them.... Its sad.. My fate is sealed. And if you try to be with me and your fate will be too...

"Nakir ura fon su Amauto coshin Yiah kikaino. Havah Rukh Ardna"

-Me (Language of The Sentinals)

"A Dragon's kiss does not come from a Dragon but from a person that you Love."

-Zero R. Hazelwood

"The Enigma called Life can never be solved no matter how many people try to solve it"

Alice S. Hazelwood

"Those who believe in 'God' Must Love and Fear him. To me he or should I say it Sounds Like A Tyrant to me one I will never trust. Those who align yourself with Lucifer are following a Tyrant too one who doesn't care. I follow the Neutral if I have to fight both Angels and Demons so be it. Until we understand what both truely are we are never truely free. We should rise up and choose for ourselves neither heaven nor Hell but the life imbetween that is what being human means."



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