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Name: AniCatCandy
Location: Tyria
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 21 Oct 2013

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Currently experiencing problems with this site and not receiving any response to my inquiries.

If you wish to contact me, hit up my website (Tumblr blog) or email me @

If you send an email, be sure to put something about magick in the subject so I don't delete it by mistake!





I'm an artist by nature. I work in near any medium when the right inspiration hits.

I'm always trying to think of ways to use my talents to make a living (likely due to my parents starting their own business and always talking about ways to expand it)


How I got into Magic:

Beyond board one day while depressed and ran across a Wiccan Fb page.. Figured why not? Never hurts to know about other religions and lifestyles.

Yes, I'm Christian, but why limit yourself and not use the possible resources God's given us to their full potential?

I'm not worshiping other gods or the devil, so what's the problem?


I believe and live by the Assassin's Creed (yes, from the game)

Nothing is true,

Everything is permitted.

I have a LOT of Tulpa that many believe could not possibly exist.. But, then again, look how many people don't believe magic exists.

The popular idea is not always correct.


My oldest Tulpa, I've had sense I was 3 or 4. He's helped me get through many tough times.. Well, others may not think what I've been through to be too bad, but it was to me.

I can't stand how people judge others on how they react to things in life or when telling someone about your past they say sh*t like "Why does it matter? It could have been worse."

Yes, worse things happen than seeing your mother nearly die from kidney failure when you're 8, then pulling through. Worse things happen than being ignored throughout school unless someone wanted to be your 'friend' simply because they thought could get something out of being friends with the 'rich kid'. There's a lot of people with horrid memories of drunk aunts- worse than mine, I'm sure.

The thing is: You don't know how they handled things. You don't have their mental or personality issues (Bipolar and social anxiety for me) to know how things effected them.

Don't ever compare someone's life and challenges to anothers. Just don't.


I can tell you for a fact, with the bipolar (or any disorder that causes depression) it doesn't matter if there IS a real problem - That is: something that has actually happened, not simply a depressing thought or emotion.- If the chemicals in your brain aren't balanced out just right, it can feel like you're in the deepest pits of Hell.


My Tulpa are honestly the only reason I'm still alive. They're the only things that pushed me and held me up during my worst depression episodes. My oldest, Gatto, took over for me when my mom got sick. I retreated into my mind from shock and fear and he literally took care of my body for 5 years until I was able to do so again myself.

The only memories I have from that time are the ones he saved and archived for me.




I'm very new- only started doing research around 9/5/13

I've tried a few spells that seem to work.. Still testing a rain spell. It's seemed to have worked 3 times/days in a row now.. Couple fluffy, white clouds -Spell cast- little bit later, a downpour. All 3 days. It's pretty cool!


My ultimate goal (I guess is how one would say it) is to give my Tulpa a way to communicate and interact with other humans besides myself.

Everyone deserves the freedom and ability to express themselves, even those without physical bodies.

The website that's linked by my profile pic is a group page where all my Tulpa are allowed to post whatever they want. Go to the 'About Us' page for links to my personal blog and some that are run by my most active Tulpa.



Safety and peace


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