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Name: mabelfox
Birthday: Nov 16 1998
Location: on hiatus for a few months
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 06 Feb 2017

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hi my name is [REDACTED] im am a wolf therian and im new to my pack lycan river im also sorry if im new to all this :( therian quote : ~ just because we look like them doesn't mean we're human ~ A i am always going to keep me eyes out for the awtok for the rest of my life. i know i have abilities not like a normal person so i have to hide what i am because if someone found out about my abilities i can't say what they will do to me so i am keeping this on spells of magic so i can share my story of my life if something happens to me. plz do not get rid of this. this is the me from along time from this day so always watch what happens around you and watch out for white vans and guys in suits k if they find me never forget me and what they do to supernaturals k ~ from skyler grey paw 2/24/2015~ ??MUST READ EVERYONE NOT FOR ONLY NON-HUMANS IT'S FOR HUMANS TOO; "AWTOK is a group of people that are after the non-humans and such. They catch and run tests on the non-humans as if they were just some animal. They need to be stopped because they are killing innocent kids!!!! We cant help how we were born. Therians, werewolves, telekinetic, psychics, witches, wizards, demons, vampires, mermaids, fairies and avians are not harmful in less needed. They are just like humans but AWTOK tests on them and then kill them just because of who they are. Now I'm friends with one of each type of "non-humans" and they never harmed me. I know two that is DEAD because of AWTOK and they have another friend of mine that has not done anything wrong!!! Now tell me if you think this is fair to any LIVING AND LIVING DEAD BEING. They haven't harmed anyone. Vampires don't kill in less needed. As long as they can drink then no one is harmed. Many people happily LET vampires drink their blood. The only harm done is within the beings. They fight each other. Vampires, werewolves and demons don't get along at all and will fight to the death but will NEVER HARM A HUMAN. AWTOK is just testing and then killing the innocent. Really if a human is hurt by one of us then blame AWTOK because we live in fear and so its self defense. Close your eyes and see your self as a vampire or werewolf or anything I listed. Now its 11:30PM and your just now getting to go home from a hard day of work. You have a family at home waiting for you. You left home at the age 14 and been running since but now your 18. You have been walking for 20min now and see about four streets over your house is on fire and you don't know if your family is OK. Now you start to run to hurry home to see but a group of people grabs you and cover your eyes and mouth. You pass out and wake up in lab and in a cage. A guy gets you then ties you to a lab table and runs test on you that are painful and have you run in a maze and hardly feed you. You have been there 3months now. You have seen others like you being done the same way. The people say they have got all the info they need from you. They inject stuff into you that hurts but then you black out and never wake up. They killed you. What did you do wrong to get it? You were innocent and didn't deserve that at all. Now think of the pain you was in while there and how bad it was. That is what AWTOK is doing to our kind. Do you think a non-human should live that when then never did harm to anyone. They were just like a good human. See what is happening to my kind? Just think about it. Please think about it. You can make a change for the non-humans cause we live in fear and hide." ^ =>>REPOST, if you HATE the Mighty Awtock and his group of Mad Scientists.^ ....THANK YOU.... *reposted* UPDATE > ~ still looking for growing wings spells if anyone wants to send me one thanks if you can :)


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