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Name: claireables
Location: Sheffield, England
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 16 Oct 2013

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I am not currently teaching or doing any readings for people right now. Please do not be rude about this and be respectful thank you.

I also do not cast love spells for people as I do not believe you can change free will. And no I can not turn you into a vampire or a fluffy bunny. As much as I would love to because bunnies are cool it is impossible so don't even ask just go see a Doctor as they are the only ones who can help you.

Hi my name is Claire I am 25 years old and have read tarot for 19 years now. I can also read tea leafs and oracle cards. I come from a family which is very spiritual and many from my families past have been psychics and mediums. I have been taught how to use a spirit talking board properly and safely and have controlled a lot of sessions for first time users. I have studied psychology and during that study I learnt how to hypnotise someone and help them remember details from past lives. I am still learning to do this more effectively though. I am successful at achieving the trance like state but takes time to get more details from the client about certain details.

I work with chakras and healing stones also not just to help other but as this helps calm myself also. Pendulum work is also used while I work with the chakras as this helps me find the centres of energy. I have also used pendulums to find object and certain people. I work a lot with crystals on a daily basis to centre and ground myself for the day.

I am also currently learning how to have an out of body experience and just sticking with the meditation till I feel ready for now. One gift I absolutely love which I feel comes from my families past gifts is Psychometry with areas not just objects. I can stand outside of a building and know what spirits or energy's are inside and be able to feel their emotions. Basically I can work with spirit on some levels.

I work with the white light as a way to cleanse and protect myself and everything around me. I have some knowledge on the magic and the craft but would like to get more into it to expand my capabilities and what I myself can achieve. Everything I am capable of practising right now I was taught from a very young age and it was very normal for me to be visiting Grand mama while a bunch of people would be performing a seance.

My main goal in life is to gain more understanding in the spiritual realm. I am wanting to be more awake and open to spirit just like my grand mama was but this is a journey so far I have been taking alone. So hopefully I can meet others like me on here to help me become more open.

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Birth stone: Garnet

Colour: Purple

Chinese zodiac: Rabbit (Yin)

Element: Wood and earth (Always feel drawn to these to in spiritual works)

Favourite tarot: The Sharman-Caselli tarot

Favourite Oracle cards: Fallen Angel oracle

Favourite spirit board to work with: The enchanted circle

Spirit guide: Louisiana

Healing crystal: Black onyx, Clear quartz and rose quartz.

Random facts: I have two cats and a chinchilla. My cats are 5 Zacky who came to me by chance and 7 months Jake. My chinchilla is called butters and is 2 years old :).


Root: under-active (0%)

Sacral: open (38%)

Navel: over-active (75%)

Heart: open (50%)

Throat: over-active (88%)

Third Eye:over-active (75%)

Crown: open (31%)

I just keep having to add to this aha...Ok so I am straight but have nothing against anyone of any other sexual orientation. I am happily engaged and I am not interested in flirty messages or anything else like that. I shall block anyone who tries this. I am a respectable person and would like to be treated with respect and only contacted about other stuff that does not involve you trying to flirt with me. Thankyou.

Added statement: Ok so had a lot of people ask me for help on working with spirit. Only a select few of these people realise this takes years to accomplish and have taken my advise on the first steps and not being impatient. Working with spirit does not just happen over night and you have to train yourself mentally to do it. It can be dangerous and is not advised for people who do not already have some form of gift in the subject. If you already have a gift to work on this is good and means you will find it easier to work to your spiritual goals. I myself am still learning every day to work with spirit and I will till the day I die myself and so will you. I have been learning from a young age and still there is much I still do not know. Nobody is a master in this gift and so you can not just do it over night. Sorry to disappoint but I am happy to help people start off mentally preparing themselves for this if 1. I am not too busy with work commitments that week and 2. you treat spirituality with respect as I shall not help people who make a mockery of it. Working with spirit is not a game or a bit of fun (although it sometimes can be fun) It is a way of life :)


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