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Name: LunaStrega
Location: Montagne a Nord Est, USA
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 14 Dec 2013

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I have been apart of "Spells of Magic" in some form for 4 yrs now. I have served on several Coven Councils, as well as held a position of High Priestess for 3 yrs.

As an Italian Strega, my faith is of the Old World Religion (La Vecchia Religione), entwined with the Christian faith brought upon my ancesters, and the Modern Day Wiccan Religion I also follow. I find that the three compliment each other beautifully even though Strega and Wicca have a few distinct differences in rituals and symbols. One does find that Wicca's roots stem from La Vecchia Religione!

I consider myself to be of Gnostic Christian Faith. With the discovery of the lost gospels, the missing pieces of the Holy Bible are now complete and we can become so much closer to the AlMighty.

By opening our hearts to the beautiful ways of Strega & Wicca, we find the AlMighty not only within ourselves but within everyone and everything. We learn to respect all life, and love ourselves & others more deeply. Thru this joint path, I have become closer to our Lord & Lady than I ever believed I could.

I work with crystal magick, healing herbs & oils, and the elements of fire and water. I speak with the trees and the spirits. My closest companion & familiar is my Cat of 12 yrs. He is very intuitive to the spirit world and also enjoys participating inside my casting circle!

I am happily married to a wonderful man who emits limitless amounts of positive energy, and is kind hearted to all he meets. He is very sensitive to hearing and feeling spirits. His familiar is a yellow Lab, who is never far from his side. We have a grown son who is now in his own home beginning his life-path and family.

My family origin is from Avellino Italy, near the City of Witches - Benevento Italy. My magick is Stegheria. My Magickal Strength comes from Diana the Moon Goddess and for my wisdom and knowledge I look to her daughter the Goddess Aradia whom I honor.

All things in nature come from the Almighty God & Goddess and are one with them. These gifts are here to enhance our existance. All are for us to use in there name for the good of humankind. Always give thanks, and return that which has been taken from nature to fulfill the circle.

"WITCH stands for Wisdom, Integrity, Truth, Courage, and Honor." ~ Lori Bruno, World Famous Sicilian Strega Elder & Priestess

Blessed Be,

Luna Strega )O(


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