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Name: PeacefulWolf
Location: Canada
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 22 Nov 2013

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I absolutely love the beauty and diversity of nature. I love tress, rocks, water, wind and sunshine, moonlight and the twinkle of the stars. There is deep power in natural beauty and that is why I am here; to learn more about Wicca and by extension, myself.

My profile picture is of a forest in the Fall at sunset. The colours reflect a soothing and peaceful feeling and so too do I. My powers are in healing emotional wounds. By talking to others openly and honestly, while opening my spirit, others sense the spiritual connectedness with which I feel their struggles and often release some part of the negative energy we all get bogged down with.

This may be a curious thing to say, but I believe that it is because of my belief in God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit (another power of 3 in my mind), that I have turned to Wicca as an extension of that belief, melding prayers and Magick into a combined spiritual whole that fits how I feel about the world and my place in it.

My name for this site "PeacefulWolf" is a combination of what I seek and what I wish to embody (peace) and my totem animal (the majestic wolf). I am the mother of two fascinating and beautiful boys and my life-partner also shares the "wolf" totem, making him my soulmate. Though he is not Wiccan, he is extremely spiritual, respectful and supportive of me and his views follow First Nations ideologies.

Gently and through care and time, I have lifted the spirits of thousands of people, just by striking up a conversation with a random stranger who seems troubled. As such, people never know that I'm deliberately using my power to help them because I believe that if God has given you power, then you should use that power freely and without reservation.

Insofar as I am able, I bless everyone who reads my words. May they offer hope, peace and comfort.



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