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Name: Silverdsdn
Location: Trying to find peace
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Thu, 11 Aug 2016

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I am Silverdsd. I study dragons mainly for recreational and professional reasons. I have been in this site (Under this account) for a year now. I an very open to all who have questions about Dragons and their Magick.

Do note for anyone with questions, be prepared to realize that I do Not cast spells, I only give advice nowadays.

If you need info on a Dragon Spirit Guide, or anything related, send me a message titled Spirit Guide Question.

New knowledge has told me that everyone was born with some form of Spirit watching over them, this does include Dragon spirits. In terms of Dragon Guides I also learned that everyone starts off with one, but the spirit could leave when it's work is done. Reconnecting with them is possible but difficult so think about every possible scenario before pursuing one.

When I first came to this site 3 or so years ago, I was a lost teenager trying to find something to help me to escape from all of the harsh realities of the world. I had some great friends who taught me a great many things about Magick. After about a year I joined a coven and was even its priest for a period of time until I had to leave due to some unfortunate life events.

Now to the fun stuff, Dragons. Yes we all know them as flying firebreathing lizards that like to pillage, hoard etc, but there is more to them than that. I started to study Dragons during my first year, and eventually taught a class on a great many things revolving dragons. Many people think that they can just outright pick a dragon spirit to guide them through whatever they need but dragons don't work that way. It can take years, not seconds or days or weeks, years. Only after that will they trust you enough to offer you their knowledge.

More info will be added as I see fit.

I do not cast spells for people. I especially do not deal with demons or any dark beings, so don't ask. Also I've gotten a bunch of mail asking me, or more specifically, testing my knowledge against whatever they believe in. I am getting tired of all the nonsense testing, especially since those who are trying to test me know absolutely nothing about what they are testing me about. If I have anyone try to send me messages saying "What's the most powerful Dragon? No its this." You will be ignored and possibly blocked.


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