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Name: lpfaint
Location: Trapped inside the darkest part of my mind
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 03 Nov 2013

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Hello people, I know you guys won't care, but here is a bit about me if you really want to know:

My name is Lauren, but people call me annabeth and I rather annbeth

I am a fan of anime

I'm a computer nerd

I love love love minecraft

My favorite bands are Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin, Panic At The Disco, Skillet, The Killers, Disturbed and a lot more

I also love creepy pasta more than anything

I also am new at this so don't hate me to much


I also don't really have friends so if you want to talk, I'm up for it c:

I am forever alone and waiting for the right guy to come along

I am shy and awkward at first, but when you get to know me, I surprise

I am a very depressed person, I can be nice and friendly at times but other times I,can shut down and hate the world (I usually hate people)

Yes, I am called emo, gothic, freak, but they don't know anything, but I am a different type a person, I am not a fan of people's crap and stupidity

I do stand up for myself but if you try to talk crap to me or about me I will do things you don't want

I do not put up with being called emo, because everyone is the same, no matter what color they are, who they are attracted to, what their religion is,how they deal with situations, or what they like and dislike, we are all the same, we need oxygen, food, water and shelter to survive... if everyone would think of the things that we have in common, instead of judging differences.. this world would be such a better place...

When we were younger, we would look under our beds for the boogie man, and a skeleton in the closet, as we grow up we stop looking, realizing that there were no real monsters, we realize the monsters are inside of us, creating a personal hell for us all. We can either choose to fight to stay in control of our body, or just let the demons engulf us into the hell. I have tried over and over to keep control, but sadly, I have lost.

Once, there was a little girl. All she wanted was to fit in with the others. She tried her best to interact with the other children but was never liked or wanted by the children, her teachers, or the world. As she grew into a teenager she realized all the hatred and depression she had in her life and started to hurt herself. She had no true friends that she can lean on or anyone to talk to. All she can do was let the madness grow in her head. The madness was her only true friend that stuck around. Whenever she did hurt herself or attempt suicide, she would start to sob, because it was not her fault she acted how she did. She is merely a monster that was created by a disgusting, twisted and worthless race. Humans.


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